Comic Review: Deadpool 49.1 aka Deadpool The Musical Had Me Laughing So Hard I Cried – If you Have the Comic, Listen to the Music for Free Here!


Deadpool 49.1 (aka, Deadpool The Musical!)


This was the weirdest, most scattered, coolest thing ever. No really. I was sitting in my favorite writing bar with my headphones on, listening to the musical accompaniment while reading the comic – and looking like a total idiot as I laughed so hard that I cried. (Totally embarrassing. The bar was completely quiet except for me and the goggling waitresses.)

Basically Deadpool takes several popular songs and … reworks them in a Deadpooly kind of way. If you are going to read this comic (and please do) you need to both be looking at the comic while listening to THIS:

Deadpool, the Musical! by Jordan D. White

That lovely thing above is Deadpool 49.1 editor Jordan White on the ukulele while signing the various parts of this musical. “To finish the track on time, White spent several nights staying up ’til 2 AM, providing vocals, bongos, bass, and his signature ukulele. As a result, now you can hear “Chocolate Rain” as it was always meant to be sung: By a man pretending to be the Enchantress, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman” (Read More:

I had no &#*%ing clue what was going on. This was my virgin experience reading a Deadpool comic. But I didn’t care. It was completely all recap anyway.( Great time jump onto this series, by the way.)

I have nothing else to say about this other than you really need the comic itself to appreciate the music. If you want a totally different comic book experience, try Deadpool the Musical!


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