“Resident Evil 6” Confirmed for a 2012 Release!


As many speculated, it has officially been announced by Capcom that Resident Evil 6 is in development and is aiming for a November 20th release date.  At first, this may seem like a Resident Evil overload because of the upcoming feature film, but this is really the game fans have looking forward to for a long time, for many reasons.

Being a true numbered Resident Evil sequel, this sixth entry will pick up some ten years after the incident in Raccoon City and star both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield (the key protagonists from Resident Evil 4 and 5 respectively) as they work to stop two different bioterrorist attacks. Also joining the cast are several new characters that Capcom promises will “offer a unique perspective and involvement.”  That pretty much also confirms that the co-op from Resident Evil 5 is returning, but unfortunately, there is no confirmation as to who exactly will be joining.

The story in Resident Evil 6 will focus around Leon and Chris working through their own seperate storylines that will most likely intertwine into an epic finish.  Leon, who is somewhere in the States, is forced to deal with a bioterrorist attack on the President, who is now infected, and must face a difficult decision. Chris is still travelling the globe, making his way to China to stop the bioterrorist threat there.

Check out the debut trailer here:

Also, check out these screenshots:

Resident Evil 6 is slated for a November 20, 2012 release on the PS3 and Xbox 360, with a PC release to follow.


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