Production on “Star Trek 2” has officially begun, says Paramount


Paramount is officially talking about Star Trek 2’s (still untitled, by the way) production, announcing yesterday that the film has exited pre-production status and is now started on principal photography. The second film in the rebooted scifi franchise is lead by J.J. Abrams, who was also at the helm of the first Star Trek reboot film. True to his past, Abrams has been tight-lipped about the film’s plot. All we know so far is that all of the film’s original cast members will be reprising their respective roles and are presumably now all on set dawning their Trek suits!

Filming will take place in 3D (shocking) and Paramount has announced that it will last twelve weeks. The film’s expected release date is May 17th, 2013 — not too far out, but far enough to allow the CGI magicians to do their work!

We’re hoping the film is another success for Abrams. He’s had a great few years with the initial reboot of the Star Trek franchise, the ending of LOST, and now the successful premiere of his TV show Alcatraz. Does the guy sleep?

Are you excited for the franchise to make another return to theaters? Did you like the first Star Trek reboot film?


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