New “Game of Thrones” season two production video hits the web, showing King’s Landing and Qarth


A new Game of Thrones production video has surfaced courtesy of HBO and the Game of Thrones promo machine, this time showcasing some of the beautiful and unique sights in the Game of Thrones television show! The video takes us to Croatia, where the production crew has found the perfect city on the rocks to use as the home of King’s Landing, where a vast majority of the show takes place. It’s clear from the way the cast and crew fawns over the location that it’s both a beautiful place for the universe and a fantastic place to work!

The video also offers a first glimpse at one of season two’s newest locations: Qarth, which the crew describes as an oasis-like city.

Game of Thrones season two is set to premiere on April Fools Day! Reading the second book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, A Clash of Kings, is a great way to prep for the release of the second season!


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