New poster and scene/set video from “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”


A new video and bonus movie poster for the upcoming historical paranormal flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has hit the web and yet again has made the movie look promising! Noticably missing from the clip and poster, however, are vampires. Hmm…

The video shows a behind-the-scenes look at filming Honest Abe addressing the United States Congress in addition to numerous cast and crew interviews with the film’s lead, director, producers, and more:

We also have a promo poster for the film (which adds to the two posters we saw not too far back). It’s a clear (and awesome) play on the Lincoln Monument in Washington DC… with the obvious addition of a vampire-slaying axe:

Expect more promo from this movie in the not-so-distant future, as hit hits theaters this June (in 3D, naturally)!


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