New “Avatar: Legend of Korra” video surfaces featuring new clips plus an altered show name


We know many of you are fans of the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series and are quite possibly even more excited for the upcoming Avatar spinoff, Avatar: Legend of Kora! We’re thrilled to say that in addition to confirmation of the show’s title tweak, Nick has officially released a new preview of the show within an on-air look at its upcoming 2012 shows.

Avatar fan site “Avatar The Last Airbender Online” has broken down the short clip, which they say shows the “Equalists, Republic City and some shots that are in fact animatics (animated storyboards)”. It’s a short clip, but we hope that it’ll be the start of many more official previews to come!

Promotion of this video is exciting news for Avatar fans, as it shows that Nick is preparing a full-on promotion and hopefully quick release of the series. Fans have been in quite a tizzy over the show’s continued delay. Looks like we won’t be waiting much longer!

What do you think of the clip and the name change?


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