Casting Announcements for The Devil’s Carnival


Fans of Repo! The Genetic Opera will be excited to know that an alumni of Repo will be rejoining Darren Bousman and Terrance Zdunich (the creative minds behind the rock opera). Bill Moseley, star of House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s RejectsTexas Chainsaw Massacre II, etc will be joining the forming cast for the new musical. Moseley starred in Repo as Luigi Largo, one of the heirs to the Largo industry who was renowned for his psychotic ways and murderous temper. Moseley adds that perfect amount of crazy to any character and will be a welcome addition to this endeavor.

Moseley joins other returning stars such as Paris Hilton (okay, I know), Paul Sorvino, Nivek Ogre, and potentially Alexa Vega. Sean Patrick Flannery announced on Twitter yesterday that he would be in the musical as well.

Shooting was scheduled to begin this week.

Keep an eye on for more news as it becomes available.



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