Akira Remake Terminated


Well, this news actually came out a few days ago – but as it was still shocking information to me, I decided I should post for anyone who hasn’t already heard. The live-action Akira movie has been completely halted in production. All employees on the set have been sent home. According to The Hollywood Reporter, budget issues are the cause of this call – and if these issues are not quickly resolved (and it’s not looking good) the movie will be perminently shelved.

The Hollywood Reporter also brought up these questions over the true cause of placing this chatter-worthy film on the back burner:

Though budget issues are being blamed for this move, one has to wonder if the cacophony of criticism over the white-washing of the film has anything to do with shutting down the project. Was it just the money? Or was Warner Bros. worried they might have been making a huge social mistake too?

Certainly, there had been a lot of opinions fired over the announced casting, which included actors (rumored) Helena Bonham Carter  (Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland) as  Lady Miyako and Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy, Troy) as Keneda. But then again, such controversy would surely have brought in mass numbers of people to the cincema out of pure curiosity for the remake of this anime classic.


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