Throwback Review: It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To


Join Sara and her friends as they celebrate her 18th birthday in the notoriously haunted Burkitt Manor. The EVIL in the house is there and it has decided to bring along some uninvited guests.

It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To (2007) was the first movie created and released by Scotchworthy Productions. Scotchworthy Productions was founded in 2005 by independent filmmaker Tony Wash, who was the producer and director behind It’s My Party. Since the release of this film, Scotchworthy has released several more films including The Storm, A Chance in Hell, and Skeletons in the Closet.

Tony Wash has dedicated his filmmaking career to putting out movies that are based on 70’s and 80’s horror films, and that will provide audiences with a entertaining and interactive experience. With his debut film, it’s my opinion that he hit, and potentially exceeded, his goals.

It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To starts out with a bunch of friends planning a surprise birthday party for one of their friends at a notorious haunted house (which is actually an abandoned funeral home). This house was the scene of a series of extremely brutal murders perpetrated by a father on his family. Naturally, the tormented spirits take exception to the college age kids who are planning a night of drunken debauchery and premarital hijinks. Plenty of good old fashioned bloodshed, mayhem, and gore follow! Check out the trailer here:

While the movie itself does fall victim to some of the typical indie horror movie pitfalls, the film is helped out by amazing creature design, great makeup, and good sound design. The film is also helped out by a guest appearance by Tom Savini, special effects wizard, actor, and director. Tony Wash attended Savini’s Special Effects School in Pittsburgh, PA and reached out to Savini to add something more to the film.

There were also some very entertaining scenes with the lead, Adrienne Fischer, that reminded me of Japanese horror films  and martial arts films including an some excellent katana usage!). She provided the film with engaging acting and a solid lead to follow.

One of the most interesting things with this film is only available if you purchase the disk versus watching it on Netflix. On the disk, you have the option to make the film a “choose your own adventure” type of viewing experience. At specific points in the film, the movie takes on a comic like appearance and you are given the ability to choose the the path the actors/actresses will take. These choices lead to 9 different endings for the film. I am a self-admitted fan of “choose your own adventure” books, and I was intrigued by having the same options in a movie. It was a lot of fun and provided a unique experience. Yes, I did go back and made the opposing choices to see how the choices could change the finale.

Can you tell that the film is low budget? Yes. Does the film entertain and provide the audience with a good film watching experience? Definitely. Check it out. If nothing else, it will give you an idea of where Tony Wash started and where he is going. I am excited to see the other movies that Scotchworthy Productions has released and what other films they will have to offer in the future.

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