Newest Production Video for The Hobbit Shows Logistics of Location Shooting


The first production video for The Hobbit to be released after the trailer has all the familiar elements we’ve come to love. That is, Peter Jackson and crew chatting on to the viewer about all the little elements that go into creating such an epic film.

Episode five’s dilemmas? How to get equipment, food, water, shelter, and everything else you can think of to make a movie to the rural places of New Zealand during filming.

Here are the highlights: dwarves white-water rafting, the sheer mass of stuff that gets hauled in those trucks, bringing the latte machine (!), the twelve days of Christmas montage,the fact that from start to finish it’s an 8-hr turnaround, Elijah Wood, flashbacks to the old filming, Andy Serkis, Hobbiton, and much much more.


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