Comic Review: Lady Mechanika #3 was Simply Wonderful and Wolverine and the X-Men #3 Hints to a Promising Future


Wolverine and the X-men #3

This book is slowly growing on me. So far three issues have covered exactly one day in the life of those at the Jean Grey School for higher learning. The young and overtly arrogant new Hellfire club is immediately sending a welcome-to-the-neighborhood package with several layers of stressful fight-inducing madness. So far it’s been overrun by flamethrower-wielding Frankensteins, smashed to bits by the next generation Krakoa (the living island), and had its visiting government-sanctioned officials literally and physically turned into Wendigo and Sauron. If it sounds like an insane amount of actions – it is.

The art in this issue is a bit manic. Albeit, so is the giant issue-long battle scene that it is representing. This issue reads quickly and is full of entertainment, yet it does feel a bit schizophrenic as it tries to handle every angle of the chaos.

Additionally, we see romance blooming (maybe?) as Bobby Drake tries to talk to Kitty Pryde about their impromptu  kiss from the last issue. She brushes him off – poor Bobby never seems to get a break with the ladies.

On the personal side for Wolverine, he’s fighting his historical stereotype to be accepted as the headmaster of the school. Quentin Quire, meanwhile, is fighting his usual battle with his ego over the fact that no one at the school seems to have heard of him. He does, however, save the school’s ass as he calms the Krakoa and make it an important ally for the future.

I’m really interested to see how this story is going to progress. At this point it could either launch into utter awesomeness as tensions between Wolverine and Kid Omega / Kitty and Bobby / The Hellfire Club and the X-Men rise – or it could easily go in the other direction to “what were the writers thinking?” It’s on the line, and the next issue will more than likely push it one way or the other.


Lady Mechanika #3

I have been touting this series as a spectacular example of the Steampunk genre in all its beauty and cleverness since issue #0. I happy to report that issue #3 has not deflated my bubble of excitement for this series in the least. The art, the writing, the pace, and the feel are all just as they should be in the progression of the plot. And can I just say – my gawwwd, do I ever want that dress on the front cover.

Lady Mechanika continues to follow the trail of the dead half-mechanical girl she discovered in the first issue. She has been led to the Cirque du Romani by the girl’s earing. Tensions and suspicions run high as Mechanika makes inquiries. While the cirque performers know nothing of a part-mechanical girl, they do, however, know to whom the earing belongs. Mechanika is suddenly led circularly back to her old enemy Lord Blackpool and his accomplice Lady De Winter – both of whom at this point she has taken physical chunks from, which will need to be replaced by mechanical parts.

Lord Blackpool, a respected member of society, has a large announcement to make during Mechani-Con, a gathering in which mechanical engineers, tinkerers, and enthusiasts alike come together to celebrate the technology of day and be the first to witness great mechanical strides. What Lord Blackpool unveils is astounding to all, and a work of mechanical beauty and mastery. Read to find out what it is and what Mechanika plans to do about it! (Oh, and see a preview of next issue’s drool-worthy cover!)


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