Upcoming Marvel MMO Officially Gets a Name – Plus a First Look at Spiderman


The very secretive upcoming Marvel MMO from Gazillion Entertainment has not gotten very much talk online.  It may be partly because of how slowl’y they are revealing images of characters through a Tumblr and a Twitter account that hass less thatn 2000 followers, and also because everyone is still completely in the dark about how the gameplay is going to work.

What we have been told from the unveiling of the game, which was previously referred to as Marvel Universe Online, is that this would be for core gamers and comic fans.  Now the game has officially been given a title, but it is not exactly “hardcore” as they previously labelled the game.

The free-to-play game will simply be titled Marvel Heroes and while Gazillion, Secret Identity Studios and Marvel Massively Multiplayer Society (MMMS) revealed nothing else about the game, they did release another character image.
 Below is the first look at Spiderman. Take a look:
 The more we see from Marvel Heroes the more we are finding ourselves concerned.  Granted, we have yet to see any gameplay, but just from the character design alone, the game is clearly not going for any sort of realistic or gritty approach.However, we do enjoy that the game will allow players to actually play as the heroes from the Marvel Comics, but how that will work in an MMO setting, we are not quite sure.  Unless, of course, this is not an MMO at all, but more of a party-based instanced affair.


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