Did you miss it? New “Dark Knight Rises” theatrical trailer rocks the internet!


Check out one of this week’s biggest trailer releases (second only to the release of the first Hobbit trailer): The Dark Kngiht Rises! The trailer contains a host of new scenes, explosions, character narrations and more… and is by far the best clip released from the film thus far. A prologue for the film is set to hit theaters this weekend (and has been making its way around the internet illegally since last weekend).

The trailer is predominantly narrated by Alfred, Selina Kyle (Catwoman), and Bane, with an eery background song (a young child singing the National Anthem at Gotham’s football stadium).

Astute fans will recognize several scenes from the film which Lytherus brought to you months ago via sneaky on-set film captures, set reports, and more!

The trailer is not without its on controversies: fans, and the movie-watching community as a whole, seem divided over Bane’s voice, which appears muffled throughout the prologue and movie trailers released so far. Understanding characters, especially the film’s core “bad guy”, seems like an important quality of any film — let alone one as anticipated as Batman. The film’s director has said that some work may be done on the voice in post-production to help movie goers to better understand just what the heck Tom Hardy (Bane) is saying… but don’t expect any voice-over re-recording.

What do you think of the trailer? Which side are you on in the “Bane’s voice controversy”?


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