Holiday Gift Guide for the Horror Obsessed!


Looking for some last minute gift ideas for that zombie obsessed fanatic? Or maybe that certain something for your resident horror fan? Sometimes, it can be a challenge to find a gift for anybody. To compound those difficulties, what can you get for those who are enthusiastic for horror, gore, and scares? Following is a list of gift ideas or sources of gift ideas that might help you to find that special something!

Gerber Apocalypse Kit – If you are a fan of The Walking Dead on AMC, you will recognize these weapons and tools. Carl Grimes found them in a car while the group was searching all of the abandoned cars on the highway. The survivors divided the kit up amongst themselves, and the weapons have come in handy quite a few times. The perfect gift for someone who is preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse or any other type of apocalypse! At this time, the Gerber Apocalypse Kit is sold out, but you can still order all the tools that make up the kit. Each tool is reasonably priced between $20 and $60. The following list is all of the tools in this amazing kit:

  1. Gator Machete
  2. Camp Axe II
  3. Gator Machete Pro
  4. Parang
  5. LMF II Infantry
  6. DMF Folder
  7. Epic


The Walking Dead Holiday Gift Guide – The authors of the Walking Dead Blog on AMC have put together a list of The Walking Dead gifts that include action figures (including zombie figures that have simulated biting action!), board games, apparel, books, zombie busts, calendars, trading cards, and autographed posters. This is a wide selection of gifts that will make even the choosiest zombie fanatic happy. You can see the list at

Have a gun enthusiast who is also a zombie nut? Check out Hornady’s Zombie Max series of bullets. Guaranteed to take down any of the living dead with one headshot! The shells come in a variety of calibers, ranging from ammo for handguns to rifles to shotguns. You can find out more information by visiting their website at

McFarlane Toys – Since 1997, McFarlane Toys has been releasing horror and fantasy based action figures. Some of the action figures included two versions: one a regular figurine while the other was a bloody version. Examples are Leatherface, Freddy, Jason Voorhees, etc. These can still be found on and other collectibles web sites.

Of course, what holiday shopping list wouldn’t include horror movies? Or holiday based horror movies! Here is a small list of Christmas or winter based horror movies for the horror completists among us:

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night (and all of the sequels)
  • Black Christmas (original and remake)
  • Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman
  • Santa’s Slay
  • Christmas Evil
  • A Deadly Little Christmas

Want a more realistic holiday gift for the science geek in us all? How about bacteria, mold, and virus plush dolls? Emlab P&K is offering a Christmas Tree Mini Microbe Box which includes the Kissing Disease, the Common Cold, Brain Cell, E. Coli, and a Red Amoeba. All are festively decked out with Santa hats and mistletoe. They even come boxed in a Christmas tree shaped box. They also carry plushes for black mold, anthrax, ricin, and so many more! Check it out here at

Finally, get creative. Last Christmas, my buddy made me a zombie survival backpack/bug out bag. It included The Zombie Survival Guide, personal protective equipment (medical masks, safety glasses, gloves, etc), a compass, matches, etc. It even included a weapon. A two foot section of cast iron pipe. He taped a grip on it and splattered it with blood. He even filled the end with spray silicon and painted it gray. It realistically looks like brains.

 I hope this list gives you some last minute ideas for those horror fans that are in your life! Happy Holidays!

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