Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Is An Action Packed Thrill Ride You Won’t Want To Miss


The best in the series and possibly the best action film of 2011, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol features strong performances from its cast and plenty of action and thrills to keep almost any viewer entertained.

IMF agent Ethan Hunt tackles his deadliest mission yet, which happens to be attempting to stop a  terrorist from causing war on a global scale. Helping him on this high stakes mission are Agent Jane Carter, Benji Dunn, the technical assistant, and William Brandt, a former IMF agent with a mysterious past. This small but experienced team, under Hunt’s leadership,  must stop the terrorists before millions of lives are lost and the world is thrown into chaos.

Tom Cruise returns in top form as Ethan Hunt, but the real scene stealer here is Jeremy Renner as William Brandt. Renner slips into the role comfortably and gives a genuine, truly inspiring performance. As a bonus, Renner’s character is the most complex and the one many viewers will identify with the most. Simon Pegg functions as the comic relief, which he does very well, while Paula Patton holds her own as the film’s female lead, Jane Carter.

Action movie fans will not be disappointed with this latest installment in the lucrative Mission Impossible franchise. There are plenty of bone-crunching, head bashing fight scenes to keep audiences glued to their seats, as well as several exciting chase scenes that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. The plot, while not incredibly original, is executed well and not too predictable, so viewers who think they have the whole action film formula figured out will be pleasantly surprised. And, unlike many action movies, the characters are given depth, making them more real and easier for audiences to relate to. So with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, we get an action movie with a good plot, interesting characters, and brilliant execution from director Brad Bird, setting it apart from the stereotypical action film.

If you are looking for a fun, entertaining, fast-paced movie to see with your family this holiday season, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is your movie.

5 out of 5 stars 



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