Trailer for the Third Installment of the [REC] Series Released


[REC] (2007) starts out as a young reporter and her cameraman are spending the night in a fire house in order to interview firefighters about their jobs and lives as firefighters. During the night, the firefighters receive an emergency call about a disturbance in an apartment building. The reporter and the cameraman tag along on the fire truck to get film of the real action. Upon entering the apartment building and finding the source of the disturbance, they all realize that this is a normal emergency response. The building is locked down from the outside and a disease runs rampant throughout the inhabitants of the apartment. The disease simulates a type of rabies with ferocious bloodlust, insanity, and transmittable by blood/saliva. Some viewers refer to the infected as zombies, but that is not accurate.

 Sound familiar? If you have seen Quarantine, it should. Quarantine is a shot for shot Americanized remake of [REC].

 [REC]2  (2009)  continues with a medical officer and a SWAT team being sent into the apartment building to control the situation. This film takes the disease into the realm of a religious type of infection, or a possession. The initial person who was possessed is able to spread a demonic condition to those around it, not just by bite.

 The [REC] film series has been an outstanding success for the directors, Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza. The films are filmed mainly by handheld, adding that sense of reality to the materials. Cameraman holding a camera unit and cameras mounted on the SWAT teams helmets are used to create a realistic feel to the film. There are many people who do not appreciate or enjoy the shaky cam techniques of filming, but it does provide an alternate viewing experience.

 Trailers for the third film in the series [REC]3 Genesis have been released. A teaser from September indicates that a different approach may be taken, including the use of found footage. All in all the trailers look like this will be an impressive addition to the series. This film is set immediately after the conclusion of the first two films and is a departure from the claustrophobic feel of the two predecessors.

 A fourth film is also in pre-production and will be the concluding film to the series.

 Take a look at the trailer for Genesis here. Also listed below are some pictures from the film.


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