Incredible Theatrical Poster Revealed for “Hunger Games” Following Massive Online Puzzle-quest


We love that Lionsgate never shies away from fun and clever ways of revealing major Hunger Games pictures and videos — the studio is at it again, this time revealing an incredible theatrical trailer for the upcoming film by asking fans to collect 100 puzzle pieces, combining them to create and reveal a new Hunger Games poster!

The poster was assembled within hours of its release and fans were not disappointed! The poster highlights the bizarre and haunting attention the nation of Panem shows to Hunger Games, an annual gladiator-style game which pits twenty-four children against each other in combat… allowing only one living victor. The poster depicts Katniss, the film’s main character, surrounded by massive television monitors showing her face and the face of District 12’s male tribute (an old friend and now-competitor) while standing inside of the arena. The poster also features Katniss’ bow, held in her hand, and her arrow quiver carried on her back.

Hunger Games is now less than 100 days away from hitting theaters — which is hard to believe, since it seems like Lytherus was reporting on filming for the movie just days ago…

Does this poster make you more excited for the film?


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