Marvel Announces Next Spider-Man Event: Ends of the Earth, Spidey’s Going Global


The upcoming issues leading to The Amazing Spider-Man’s big #700 will be all about Doc Oc’s last attempt to make his sinister little dreams come true (see issue #600). This six-issue event, in addition to a compelling story, is meant to be a commemorative arc celebrating Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary and will commence with issue #682.

Series writer Dan Slott explained that this event will be expanding the horizon of the series significantly. He noted that while the last event, “Spider-Island”, was confined to the island of New York City, “Ends of the Earth” will have the hero “operating globally.”

The villainy goodness  of this arc will center around Doc Oc and his alliance with the Siniser Six:

He’s [Doc Oc] not just going for something small, he’s going after the world. This is it. This is Otto Octavius’ big grab at one last master plan. He knows Spider-Man and the Avengers will oppose him, which is why he’s got the best Sinister Six ever on his side.

This current Sinister Six includes Doc Oc, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio, Rhino, and Chameleon. But don’t get too cozy with this line-up, because Slott has hinted that the Six that start this event will more than likely not the be Six that end it.

How is Spider-Man going to deal with this threat? Looks like it’s time for a technological upgrade.

Spidey has known that the Sinister Six was a’comin’, and the same way he designed specific tech when he heard Hydro Man was on the loose at the beginning of Spider-Island, he has been preparing and building a new suit specifically for going to war with the Sinister Six…I haven’t done a Spider-Man arc on this scope before. It’s fun to let loose. A lot I do is centered on character, but here the focus is on action and adventure. The fallout will be huge. When it’s all over, the pieces on the table will be in some pretty interesting spots.

In addition to his own savvy, Spider-Man will have the help of his Avengers buddies. Slott did not specifically say which Avengers would be making guest appearances in the Amazing Spider-Man, but he did hint that it might be a similar lineup to what we are currently seeing in the upcoming Marvel Studios The Avengers film.


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