The Good Guys Dress in Black – “Men in Black 3” Teaser Trailer Released!


Columbia Pictures started off its marketing for its Summer 2012 3D sequel, Men in Black III, with some letter-based posters that feature the familiar silhouettes of Agent J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) not too long ago.  The studio continues its efforts today, with the release of an official teaser trailer for the sci-fi/action comedy.

Men in Black III forces J to time-travel back to the 1960s, when a trouble-making alien disrupts the present timeline and kills the yougner version of K (played by Josh Brolin).  K’s death in the past not only affects the future of the MIB Orginization, but the very existence of mankind.   Beyond that, it’s difficult to say what other major plot points present in Etan Cohen’s original screenplay draft remain in tact, given the numerous rewrites it has undergone, by this point.

That in mind, check out the official Men in Black III teaser trailer:

All things considered, this trailer is pretty simple, yet very effective.  We are given a brief reminder of what the Men in Black spend their time doing, Smith going back to his trademark wiseacre shtick, glances at some of the film’e strange extraterestrials, an introduction to the cast newcomer Emma Thompson and a quick look at the film’s 3D action pieces (J jumping off the Chrysler Building).  That’s all informative enough, but not so much intriguing or attention-grabbing
You can get a better look at this early Men in Black III footage by checking out the trailer image gallery below:

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