Recommendation: Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is not Your Average Redneck Slasher Flick


This is the story of two misjudged hillbillies who are on the way to the rundown cabin that they bought to be a summer home. They are looking to spend time fixing up the place, doing some fishing, and drinking some beer. Instead, they are treated to a bloodbath of epic proportions. The other main characters in this movie are a group of college kids, who are the epitome of horror movie cannon fodder. You have the jock, the preps, the token characters, the girl wearing impractical clothes while camping, the “survivor girl”, and a few more. They participate in all of those activities that are proscribed in typical slasher movies: smoking weed, drinking, and skinny dipping. Outside of the “survivor girl”, they are the largest group of annoying and judgmental slasher bait that I have had the privilege to witness.

The movie starts off with the group of college kids on their way to go camping. During the drive, they almost hit the hillbillies’ truck, and then they meet up with the two hillbillies at a convenience store. The good natured hillbillies, played by Tyler Labine (Dale) and Alan Tudyk (Tucker), only want to work on their dream summer home. After a scene where the rednecks save one of the college girls from drowning, the other college kids believe that the duo has kidnapped their friend and ate her face.

Throughout the film, the college kids perceive everything that the hillbillies do as an assault against them. In retaliation, they attack the rednecks which results in the college kids inviting interesting new ways to off themselves. From diving headfirst into a wood chipper to impalment on a tree stump, these kids are there own worst enemies. As the body count rises, so do the misconceptions and stereotypes.

Tucker and Dave Vs Evil is a good natured horror comedy that does that same thing for the redneck slasher genre as Shaun of the Dead did for zombies. While the acting of the college kids may not always be top of the line, the acting abilities of Labine and Tudyk are amazing. Their reactions to the bloodshed are extremely comical, and make the belief that they are responsible for the deaths even more amusing. I seriously loved this movie. From the gore drenched death scenes to the references to horror movie greats (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blair Witch Project, Dog Soldiers, and so many more. There’s even a reference to Deliverance!), this movie delivers to the horror fan in us all. Comedy fans will love it too. You would be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t take the time to watch this film!

If you have the time, check out the special features. The Outtakes and The College Kids Point of View sections are outstanding.

Check out the trailer and stills below:


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