Save the Evans City Cemetery!


“They’re coming to get you Barbara…”

An immortal line from a groundbreaking film. George Romero changed the zombie stereotype in his movie, Night of the Living Dead. The traditional voodoo zombies were replaced. Italian zombies went out the way of all flesh. This was the heyday of flesh eating shamblers.

The beginning part of the film took place in the Evan City Cemetery, where Johnny says his famous line to his sister Barbara. In that cemetery, and visible in the film, was the Evans City Chapel. Used for years as a storage shed, it has now been condemned to be destroyed.

Gary Streiner, brother of Russ Streiner (Johnny) has initiated a campaign to save the building. He states that, if repaired, the chapel could create profit for the 120 year old cemetery.  City officials estimate that it will cost approximately $50,000 to repair the building, and they are postponing the demolition to see if Streiner and the Night of the Living Dead fans are able to gather this amount. Currently, around $7000 has been donated.

If you are a fan of Night of the Living Dead or you just don’t want to see a piece of cinematic history disappear, go to and donate a few dollars!


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