‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the theme park attraction in Universal Studios Orlando based on the Harry Potter movies. It attracts over 7 million people every year. When something is this successful, of course Universal Studios is going to want to keep the success rolling. Therefore they are currently in the final stages of negotiations with the Harry Potter film rights holder, Warner Bros to replicate the magic of the attraction at their Hollywood location on the west coast.

At this time, Wizarding World is scheduled to open in Hollywood in 2015. The ride is huge, so some room will have to be made in the park, meaning some rides might be moved and others taken out completely. But considering the attraction caused a 36% sales increase at Universal Studios Orlando, this is hardly a deterrent for Universal.

Hoping to not be outdone, you’ll also be seeing some changes in the Disney parks, as the company is negotiations with 20th Century Fox to create attractions based on the huge movie event that was Avatar. Construction for this project is scheduled for 2013.   


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