Wednesday Comic Review: DC Universe Online Legends #18 Entertains, While FF #12 Bores and Disappoints


This week is not a big comic book week. No New 52 titles are released today, but one of DC’s better, lesser known titles, DC Universe Online Legends, does not disappoint with its 18th issue. Meanwhile, Marvel releases FF #12, the companion to last week’s massive Fantastic Four #600. See reviews for both comics below. Enjoy!

DC Universe Online Legends #18

Based on the best-selling video game of the same name, DC Universe Online Legends has been a great series so far. Featuring plenty of action, thrills, and plot twists, this is a series that any comic book fan will enjoy. With the 18th issue, the action and surprises continue. Writer Marv Wolfman really shows his chops here, giving us a fun, unpredictable story that leaves us in awe and gives us a lot to look forward to when the next issue hits shelves.

The evil Brainiac has fled the galaxy after robbing the Yellow Lanterns of their power battery. Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and the others seize what may be their only opportunity to retaliate and invade one of his massive ships. But a terrible betrayal turns the tide on the heroes, and it is unclear what will become of them. Brainiac has gained the upper hand.

Marv Wolfman’s writing is some of the best DC has to offer, and it remains a mystery why he has not been assigned to bigger projects. Howard Porter does a great job bringing our favorite characters to life with his brilliant art, and his unique style sets him apart from the countless other comic book artists out there.

This issue is probably the best issue in the series to date. It will leave readers drooling for more, and it is safe to say that things can only get more exciting from here.


FF #12

After last week’s fabulous anniversary issue of the Fantastic Four, Jonathan Hickman and Juan Bobillo give us FF #12, which sadly turns out to be more disappointing than enjoyable.

After the devastating attack on the Baxter Building, Valerie translocates  the other Future Foundation members and herself to Doom’s castle, where Nathaniel Richards, Doctor Doom, Kristoff, and a Reed Richards from a different dimension are waiting. Val and the other children enlist the help of Nathaniel and the others to go back and help the Fantastic Four  fight Annihilus and his army.

While Hickman is an amazing writer and does a great job here, Bobillo’s art really bothers me and contributes to how much I dislike this issue. The characters, especially Val, look completely different in every panel they appear in. It really takes away from the issue overall and proves to be more of a distraction than anything else.

The most enjoyable aspect of this issue is the banter between the kids. It depicts how kids interact in real life and adds to the believability of those characters.

While this issue is nothing too special, hopefully the next one will be more enjoyable.



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