South Texas Blues – Infamy in the Making


It was one of those summers, a scorcher, one that rushed the mercury to the heavens while everything with a pulse was baking under the sun. It was the summer of 1973, the Vietnam war was fading out, a gas shortage plagued the good old USA and a group of inexperienced Texans were making a horror movie. Beneath the dead heat inferno of the Austin sun, the crew of Saturn In Retrograde formed a union; they fought their demons, each other, and in their struggle they forged a legend.

South Texas Blues is based on the true story of the making of one of the most infamous motion pictures of all time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Directly adapted from his motion picture screenplay movie maker Christopher P. Garetano (Horror Business, Montauk Chronicles) presents South Texas Blues : The Graphic Novel.

Beautifully illustrated by artist Trevor Cook, South Texas Blues thrusts you into the vision that has burned in Christopher Garetano‘s mind for over a decade.

You can read South Texas Blues, beginning in issue #310 of FANGORIA magazine. It will be available in January 2012. South Texas Blues will be a monthly serialization before the full graphic novel is published later in 2012.



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