Thanksgiving Horror Movies??


Thanksgiving brings to mind family gatherings, turkey, stuffing, football, mashed potatoes, etc, etc… Now that the holiday is over, I stopped to think, what about Thanksgiving themed horror movies?

I was shocked to find that there were only three.

We have Thankskilling (2009), starring a foul mouthed killer turkey. That’s right a talking, killer turkey. The movie had a budget of $3500 if that tells you anything.  It stars a rehash of The Breakfast Club (pure victims) and is only about 70 minutes long.

Then we have the classic film, Blood Freak (1972). Plot revolves around a drifter who becomes involved with a group of druggies. He is in need of a job and is hired at a Turkey Hatchery. One of his responsibilities is to eat the experimental turkey that a lab is developing to make more enjoyable Thanksgiving dinners. Instead, the meat turns him into a man with a turkey head, who must drink the blood of drug users to get his fix. I cannot make this stuff up. This movie doesn’t directly state that it is set during Thanksgiving, but seriously, the killer is a guy with a giant turkey head. It qualifies.

And finally, we have Home Sweet Home (1981). The story revolves around an escaped mental patient who finds a family celebrating Thanksgiving and decides to kill them all. By the way, the mental patient/killer is none other than Jake Steinfield, of Body by Jake Fitness Equipment.  This movie is so bad it’s comical. It’s a typically bad 80’s slasher movie with plenty of over-acting and bad dialogue.

In 2010, Eli Roth released news that he is working on Thanksgiving, a horror movie based on his short faux trailer in Grindhouse. The movie is based on a serial killer who kills people during Thanksgiving, including a wonderful decapitation scene during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Eli Roth has stated that he wants to create the bloodiest, craziest slasher movie of all time. Sounds like cinematic gold! Currently, no news has been released about the status of this film. 

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