Star Trek 2 Jumps Into Production and Lands Release Date


The rebooted Star Trek franchise, lead by mystery director J.J. Abrams, has been stuck in pre-production limbo since the successful release of Star Trek in 2009. We recently reported on some pre-production developments, including an ideal “in production” date, which seemed to indicate that the film was finally moving forward. We now have set-in-stone information with some interesting revelations, including an official release date!

Deadline is reporting that J.J. Abrams will be filming Star Trek 2 (not its official name) in 3D — which seems to indicate that the film will be a true 3D film, not a post-production 3D conversion. It’s an interesting development given the first film’s lack of 3D and our general distaste for 3D, especially when you consider the dwindling 3D box office turnouts in North America over the past few months. But as long the film is also released in 2D, you won’t hear much griping!

There are also reports that Industrial Light and Magic, the Hollywood visual effects master studio, is already at work on some of the more involved CGI scenes and effects for the film to help keep its production, filming, post-production, and release on schedule.

The final bit of Star Trek 2 news is the big one: Star Trek 2 will be bumping Singularity (delayed until November 2013) out of the coveted early-summer box office slot on May 17th, 2013. It’s a long wait, but based on the success of the first film, it’ll be worth it!

We’ll keep you updated on Star Trek 2’s developments in the coming months!


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