A Huge “Pokemon” Announcement is Planned, Possibly a New Title?


If you are a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then you have most likely already heard the rumors regarding a possible follow-up to the latest Pokemon Black and White versions, in the form of Pokemon Gray.  It appears that this reveal may be happening in the very near future.  The Pokemon Company will be making their first ever appearance at this year’s Jump Festa even in Japan, and have hinted on some big news. Pokemon Gray is the most likely candidate for their big announcement.

This news comes straight from the latest issue of Jump magazine, and it claims that those in attendance at the Tokyo-based event will be in for a “big surprise” as well as “surprising information on the show floor.” Since this is the first time Pocket Monsters have invaded the convention, there will surely be some big Pokemon-related announcements, but the real question is just what exactly they may be.

You would think that Nintendo would want to save something like this for a larger event to get the proper attention that it needs, so maybe the big surprise is not even a new game at all, but simply a new partnership.  If that is the case, will we see some  bizarre cross-overs?  Probably not, but the current unknown information could be anything and speculation is expected to start exploding all over the web. Stay tuned for any future announcements.





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