SYFY Orders Pilot Based on DC’s Booster Gold


Small screen comic-based superhero-based concepts keep on getting the nod for pilots. Next on the list is Booster Gold, which has been requested by the Syfy channel. This pilot episode will be written by Andrew Kreisber of Fringe.  The executive producer is set with Greg Berlanti (though his recent track record, considering No Ordinary Family and Green Lantern, may be a bit shaky on the superhero front) The comic book series will be formatted into a one-hour episode drama.

Booster Gold made his first appearance in Booster Gold #1 in 1986 and was created by Dan Jurgens. A Power suit grants this athlete from the future super strength while wrist blasters allow him to project energy blast. While most superheroes look to make the world a safer place, Booster Gold seeks fame and fortune with his powers – at least at first, until he learns some valuable life lessons.

Feel like you’ve seen this hero on the small screen before? That’s very possible if you are a Smallville fan. He made an appearance in the 10th season of this show – at this time, it is unclear if the Syfy version of Booster Gold will be this same as appeared on Smallville or not.


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