The Hobbit News Roundup: Production Video, Revealing Set Reports (How Does Frodo Appear?!), and Trailer Release Date!


It’s been a while since we published a report on The Hobbit movie news… and we’ve got a lot of it for you! We have official video from the set released by movie runner and director Peter Jackson, an extensive set report from Aint It Cool News, and a release time period for the first trailer for The Hobbit (movie one)!

Peter Jackson recently released another official behind the scenes/making of the Hobbit film video on his Facebook page! Here are some of the highlights from the fourth production video:

  • The video focuses largely on filming in 3D — which is new to the Lord of the Rings universe. While the crew didn’t film Lord of the Rings in 3D, they did take many photographs in 3D which they hope to reveal at a later date. In addition to the new 3D filming style, the crew is using cameras which shoot at 48 frames per second, giving the film an extra level of reality.
  • Several filming scenes within Pine Forest are revealed featuring the dwarves pitted against orcs.
  • We are brought back to the hobbit homes, specifically that of Bilbo, for several scenes (both during the film and behind-the-scenes)
  • Two scenes show filming during the visit to the elves
  • A large portion of the video takes place in Mirkwood forest during filming there, including a behind-the-scenes look at a large group of spider-webbed actors!
  • Additional scenes include a dwarven feast, Bilbo being protected by the dwarves, and more shooting in Pine Forest
  • The video closes with concept artists explaining and demonstrating how they are drawing concept art in 3D to help give Jackson a better view of their concepts and ideas

You can view the full production video, narrated and lead by Peter Jackson, below:

Ain’t it Cool News, one of the internet’s most popular movie blogs, was invited to spend weeks on location with the Hobbit crew. They’ve brought back some bomb-shell reports, revealing some very interesting tidbits and spoilers! The first tidbit deals with how Frodo Baggins will be worked into the Hobbit films:

It took a little while, but before too long the familiar circular green front door of Bag End cracked open and out stepped an even more familiar face.

Munching on jellied toast, Frodo Baggins sauntered out and hopped down the steps leading to the mailbox, grabbed some mail and headed back inside.

What’s Frodo doing in The Hobbit? I don’t want to spoil too much, but I can say that Frodo is part of the connecting tissue between The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring.

In fact, the next shot was an over the shoulder on Elijah Wood hammering a sign up on Bag End’s front gate: “No Admittance Except On Party Business.” You guys should have an idea where that puts this moment in the timeline.

Eric of AicN elaborates on filming scenes featuring himself, Bilbo, and… Bilbo’s family?

Peter was blocking the scene with Martin Freeman, which begins with Bilbo buying a fish and looking around nervously. At this point he has already been propositioned by Gandalf for the big adventure and expects the wizard to pop up and bug him about it some more, I guess. After buying the fish from me he bumps into another Hobbit named Worrywort pushing a wheelbarrow of vegetables and Bilbo asks if he has seen the wizard wandering about.

Over some stalls Bilbo sees Gandalf’s pointy grey hat and he tries to hide, usually behind other Hobbits including a confused Worrywort and an oblivious Hobbit couple on a romantic stroll through the market. This couple ended up being my friends Aaron and Kaela Morgan, who have joined me on many New Zealand adventures in the past and wasn’t about to pass up the chance at another. They were almost obnoxiously cute here, stealing kisses as they shopped, unknowingly hiding a Baggins.

It’s also of some note that Otho and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins are in this scene, Lobelia turning her nose down on Bilbo’s erratic behavior as he hides behind Worrywort. Her outfit is outrageously pomp, with the most ridiculous bright hat I’ve ever seen. The actress, whose name fails me at the moment, seems right for the character. Fans of the original films may remember Elizabeth Moody (the mum from Braindead) played the part in the Extended Edition.

Another exciting excerpt reveals that Bilbo has been changed a bit from the pages of The Hobbit novel! The changes make the character a bit more excited about the adventure he’s tasked with:

He passes Worrywort, the hobbit he talks with during my big fishmonger moment, who asks where he’s running off to.

There’s an excitement in his voice as he shouts out that he’s going on an adventure, which is a slight change from the Bilbo in the book who is less than chuffed about being forced out of his hobbit hole. That Bilbo is still in the film, especially in the first scene where Gandalf asks him to join up on the quest.

However, Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens have taken the little acorn of Bilbo being an adventurous child from Tolkien’s novel, having a little bit of Bullroarer Took’s blood in his veins, and seem to have injected some of that young adventurer deep inside the otherwise content hobbit.

From what I’ve seen, I think it makes for a more interesting character and one that we recognize from Ian Holm’s portrayal in Fellowship.

You can view all of Ain’t It Cool News’ reports here, here, and here — which include set photos!

In a final piece of The Hobbit news, actor and second unit director Andy Serkis recently revealed (in an interview with IGN) that fans should expect the next Hobbit-related video to be… a trailer! The trailer will likely be attached to a Holiday 2011 film, exactly one year before The Hobbit releases in theaters! Most likely candidates for the trailer? Sherlock Holmes 2 and Tintin (directed by Jackson). We’ll keep you updated!



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