Supernatural: “How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters”


We are almost half way through season 7 and this week’s episode left us with one of the worst cliffhangers yet. As if it wasn’t unbearable enough, there is a longer break between the episodes, with the next one airingĀ on December 2nd.

Meet the Jersey Devil, guilty of making a “human burrito” out of a not-so-happy camper. Sam, Dean, and Bobby find themselves in a New Jersey state park in an attempt to hunt the creature down. Turns out, the “devil” is not exactly what our trio thought it would be, and the investigation brings them face to face with a far more sinister enemy.

There are plenty of some pretty gory things going on, and I wouldn’t suggest eating while watching this episode. Though there were some priceless moments with Dean and eating (and acting weird), the episode went abruptly downhill near the very end, until it ultimately ended with a heart-wrenching cliffhanger. The next two weeks are going to be long indeed.


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