Lengthy Behind-the-Scenes Clip for “Snow White and the Huntsman” Showcases Film’s Dark Fairy Tale Promise


The fourth Twilight film just hit theaters today and it looks like the publicity team behind another Kristen Stewart film want to jump on the die-hard fan attention surrounding Twilight to promote Snow White and the Huntsman, a dark fairytale retelling of the popular Brothers Grimm fairy tale. The movie looks like everything it promises to be: dark, action-packed fantasy and a unique retelling of a classic tale.

In the nearly six minute long clip, the E team tours the set, props, costumes, and speaks with the film’s main actors. Here’s some highlights from the clip:

  • Kristen Stewart (Snow White) discusses being jokingly scolded for overacting as a “ninja version of Snow White” during fight scenes
  • Stewart also talks about a scene during which she had to film in a sewer full of rats — surprisingly, the actress found the rats to be adorable!
  • The crew discusses a scene in which Stewart has to hit actor Chris Hemsworth (the Huntsman) in the face
  • The film’s director discusses the pressure in updating such a classic, turning the gentle tale of Snow White into the dark fairytale epic adventure in the film
  • Charlize Theron (The Evil Queen) discusses her character, pointing out that she is the ultimate “diva queen”
  • Theron shows off several evil props, including crowns, dresses, and evil finger-length rings used to “suck out the hearts of songbirds”
  • We are shown a set tour at the massive Pinewood Studios, where the flick is currently filming

Check out the video for yourself:

This definitely looks like an interesting twist on the more Disney-fied Snow White re-tellings we’ve seen over the past decade and should be the perfect compliment for the competing Snow White flick, Mirror, Mirror, releasing months before Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters. It’s also interesting to see Kristen Stewart in a dark fantasy action role following her time as Twilight’s lead.

Will you be seeing both, or is there one you’ll prefer to view over the other?


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