Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer Has Arrived, Brings With it a Brilliant “Children in Need” Clip!


The Doctor Who Christmas Special trailer has arrived — and as expected, it’s full of the Doctor, explosions, mystical children, and more! It’s jam-packed with awesome and gives us another reason to dread the wait for the holidays! The trailer was released after a hilarious clip (also below) written by show runner Steven Moffat featuring the Doctor preparing to auction off his clothes — all of them — for Children in Need, a BBC-favorite charity in the UK focused on helping — you guessed it — children in need.

The Children in Need video features the Doctor, in character, talking to the camera and addressing his clothes — which he still insists are “cool” — which will be auctioned off for Children in Need. A large part of the short clip features the Doctor stripping behind a barrier as he rambles through a hilarious monologue, throwing his clothes over the barrier one article at a time, before popping out… clothed in holographic clothes! The end of the clip offers the illusion of children hitting a “red button” on their remote, which removes parts of the Doctor’s attire as he attempts to hide behind the TARDIS to keep his privacy:

While funny, we know that isn’t what you’re here for. You’re here for the hugely anticipated Christmas Special trailer! Like years past, the Doctor Who team has thrown together what appears to be another fantastic episode of Doctor Who set to air during the holidays… and the trailer is finally here!

The trailer opens with explosions, a falling Doctor, and a narration informing us that the episode takes place in England, 1941, during World War II. Amy and Rory? No where in sight for the entire trailer. River? She must be vacationing with her parents. Bumping in to who we appear will be the episode’s three main characters — an older woman and two children — The Doctor introduces himself as: “Usually called ‘the Doctor’, or ‘the Caretaker’, or ‘Get off this planet'”. “There is something very wrong in this forest and your brother is right in the middle of it.” Featuring ent-like aliens, yellow portals, and a mysterious winter-time forest, this episode is sure to be exciting! Check out the trailer:

What did you think of the trailer? Another reason to be excited for Christmas?


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