Three New Paranormal- and Scifi-Based Shows Announced for Syfy Channel!


Syfy channel, television’s most successful scifi/paranormal cable channel owned by NBCUniversal, has announced that they are now in development on three new TV shows for the record-setting network! Two of the shows fall into the paranormal category, while the final (and unnamed project) appears to be taking a historical scifi route.

The first show announced by Syfy is named after and based off of the successful series of comics, Ghost Projekt! A female Russian KGB agent and an America weapons inspector form an unlikely partnership to combat a group of deadly forces discovered in Siberia. So far on board are executive producers Eric Gitter and Andy Bourne, and Brett Matthews of Supernatural fame as writer and executive producer.

The second show announced by Syfy is entitled “Seeing Things” and will follow a cop forced into afterlife as a ghost following his violent death. He is helped by a “socially awkward” man who discovers that his hullicinations are actually a real ability allowing him to see ghosts. David Slack and Gabrielle Stanton will write the show and Scott Rosenberg and Robert Cort are on as executive producers.

The third show announced by Syfy remains unnamed and appears to be mixing some post-war/post-apocalyptic themes with scifi themes, as it will take place after a defestating war. According to Hollywood Reporter, “A newly formed Unity Democracy orders a volatile mix of humans and trans-humans to lead the Starship Defender on an expedition in search of lost worlds requiring law and order.” This project is currently lead by Robert H. Wolfe of Alphas fame, who will write and executive produce.

Syfy is definitely building on their original show line-up, which is welcome news to those of us sick of seeing fake ghost hunter shows cluttering the cable channel’s lineup!


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