Comic Reviews: Justice League #3 and Incredible Hulk #2 Offer Plenty of Thrills, While Batman #3 Disappoints


This week is a big one for comic books. Among the big releases are Justice League #3, Batman #3, and Incredible Hulk #2. Check out reviews for all three below!

Justice League #3

Geoff Johns and superstar artist Jim Lee have done it again. Justice League #3 is every bit as fun and exciting as the first two issues, but this time around we get more plot development AND two of the Justice League’s most important members are introduced. On top of that, we get some of Geoff Johns’s best writing to date and Jim Lee continues to amaze with his stunning art.

Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash fight tirelessly to stop the army of mysterious aliens invading the planet. Meanwhile, Victor Stone is left badly wounded from the events of the last issue, and his father, Silas, works to save him. Wonder Woman finally makes an appearance, and her involvement in the battle definitely turns the tide in favor of the heroes.

This issue proves to be the most exciting one, with fun dialogue and plenty of fighting to satisfy those looking to see their favorite superheroes in action. Occasionally, Geoff Johns drops hints as to what the mysterious creatures are up to, leaving readers to guess what their true purpose is.  That, and the welcome appearance of one of DC’s most famous characters on the final panel make this issue a must read.


 Incredible Hulk #2

Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri give us another winner with The Incredible Hulk #2, which explores Bruce Banner’s slow descent into madness after separating from The Hulk.

After the events of the first issue, the Hulk and his government allies travel to a tropical island to find Bruce Banner, who has been experimenting on native animals in a desperate attempt to recreate the Hulk. The Hulk must stop Banner before he goes too far, and before those he cares about are harmed in the process.

Jason Aaron, fresh off writing X-Men Schism, does a great job bringing everyone’s favorite Mean Green Smashing Machine to life, while Marc Silvestri’s breathtaking art compliments the writing beautifully.

So far, this series is off to a promising start, and it will be interesting to see where it will take us next.


Batman #3

Out of the many Batman titles relaunched in the New 52, Batman, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo, has so far been the most disappointing one. Scott Snyder does not do the character of Batman justice. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be a tormented, complex character, but here he just does not come across as how Batman is supposed to be.

Batman’s quest to discover the truth behind the mysterious Court of Owls continues, and it turns out that his own family history is intertwined with that of the Court.

The strongest part of this issue is the suspense. It builds to such a degree that readers will become nervous for the Caped Crusader, expecting something terrible to happen at any second.

But besides that, this issue really isn’t anything special. I am not a fan of Capullo’s art, and Scott Snyder’s writing isn’t my favorite, either.

If you’ve been keeping up with this series so far, you might want to pick up this issue to fill in some plot holes. But if you haven’t started the series or have been on the fence on whether to pick it up or not, don’t bother.


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