Pixar Releases Pictures and Clips from “Toy Story: Small Fry”, an Upcoming Toy Story Short!


Pixar has released two high-definition stills as well as a clip from their upcoming Toy Story short, “Toy Story: Small Fry”, which will be released in theaters attached to The Muppets movie, which hits theaters on Thanksgiving!

The two images paint a hilarious picture as to what we can expect from the upcoming short! The first image features an adorable miniaturized Buzz Lightyear speaking to a regular-sized Woody. The second photo show Buzz Lightyear (now normal-sized) attending what appears to be a meeting with an assembly of small toys! Check out the two stills:


Pixar has also released a clip from the upcoming short (a short for a short?) depicting Buzz’s attempted escape from what appears to be the “home” of the small toys seen in the above photos! Buzz lands at the support group for unloved small meal toys:

What do you think about the clip and stills? Is this enough to make you see The Muppets film (or were you already planning to see it anyway?)?


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