4 DC Previews for Nov 16 Releases, plus Wonder Woman Collection Announcement


Wonder Woman Announcement and Preview

Wonder Woman #3 this week is supposed to be a pretty big deal. The November 16 issue (#3 of the series) will address the new Wonder Woman origin and family heritage that DC has, not so subtly, been hinting at. You can read an in depth article about this development from USA TODAY and see a preview of the issue below.

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Now to the other ‘big deal’ surrounding WW. As you might have heard, DC announced upcoming collections to be released for 51 of their 52 titles, quite alarmingly leaving the Wonder Woman out of this past announcement with the promise that a second announcement specifically concerning this title would follow.

The follow-up came out today that in May 2012, a collection of Wonder Woman issues #1-6 will be released. This  Volume 1, hardcover edition will be 144 pages and priced at $22.99 and feature the art of Cliff Chiang and Tony Akins.


Preview of Shade #2

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read THE SHADE #1, do not continue reading this preview or look at the preview pages after the jump.

Last month, THE SHADE #1 ended with a major cliff hanger and MTV GEEK named the comic as their #1 comic book for the month of October.

In tomorrow’s issue #2, we immediately learn that Deathstroke is not the only one thirsty for Shade’s blood. In order to discover who else is after him (and why!), Shade must embark on a globe-trotting adventure. The first stop? Hamburg, Germany, where the private investigator Von Hammer seems to have the first piece of the puzzle. But can Shade find the answers he’s looking for before the vicious beast Bete-Noire gets to Von Hammer?

THE SHADE #2 comes from the fan-favorite creative team of James Robinson and Cully Hamner.


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Preview of Legion of Super Heroes #3

“The strongest man in the universe is rampaging on the surface of Panoptes, and the Dominators are massing in the skies above – and naturally, The Legion is stuck between the two! They don’t have the raw power to stare down either threat – but what they do have is a plan…one that puts some of their own in even greater danger behind enemy lines!”

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Preview of Birds of Prey #3

“Someone’s come up with a way to turn ordinary citizens of Gotham City into undetectable walking bombs…and only Black Canary (a.k.a. Dinah Laurel Lance), Starling (a.k.a. Ev Crawford) and new team member Katana (a.k.a. Tatsu Yamashiro) can stop them. But will Canary’s choice of a fourth team member, a notorious bioterrorist, tear them apart first?”

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