Supernatural: “Time For A Wedding!”


Spoilers ahead!

Guess who is back on Supernatural? The show’s writers once again bring back the theme of fandom with the return of the number one fan… Becky. Hilarity ensues as Becky gets Sam to marry her in this week’s episode, “Time for a Wedding!” How she does it though, is a whole another story.

The episode starts in Las Vegas, where after four days, Dean gets a call from Sam. Turns out… Sam is getting married. To none other than Becky, the biggest fan of Chuck’s Supernatural books. To say that Dean is surprised would be an understatement. At the same time, a newspaper article about freaky accidents catches his attention and Dean thinks he found a case. It looks like people’s wishes are coming true and it eventually kills them. Sam and Becky happen to also be working on the same case. Dean is suspicious, since Becky got her wish too. Indeed, it turns out that she is hiding something.

I didn’t find the episode to be one of the stronger ones this season, but it was a nice comic relief. And of course, the obsessed fangirl that is Becky is always fun to watch. Dean had some absolutely priceless scenes as he tried to comprehend why in the world did Sam marry. Jensen Ackles proves once more to be great at pulling off endless variety of facial expressions. We also get some really funny moments between the brothers in the last scene, which is quite a relief after the angst of the previous episodes.


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