Supernatural: “The Mentalists” Takes The Definition Of Weird To Another Level


Spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode, titled “The Mentalists” starts innocently enough – with a seance. Soon enough it turns pretty ugly – and we have another very inventive way of killing to add to the endless collection of Supernatural‘s freaky deaths. As it turns out later, it’s the least weird thing in this episode.

As Dean goes to investigate, he bumps into none other than Sam, who is looking into the same case. Reluctantly, he agrees to join forces with Dean. The town where the “medium” is killed is full of similar “psychics” of questionable abilities. One of the stranger characters is Nikolai, who says he can bend spoons (couldn’t help but think of The Matrix there). Winchesters discover that they are dealing with a ghost of a psychic, and getting rid of it won’t be as simple as it might seem at first.

While there is plenty of freaky stuff going on – the “psychics” are quite the characters – there are very interesting dynamics between the brothers at the core of the episode. It’s pretty funny to watch when some of the “psychics” try to analyze Sam and Dean, yet, surprisingly, they get it right. What is more important though, is that the brothers finally more or less work out their problems by the end of the episode. We get a more positive ending for a change as the brothers drive off to wherever their weird life takes them next.



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