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Ever wonder why kind of experiments were pulled before associations protected the subjects? Did you ever think of how one invention or another- like the electric chair- came into the world? Have you ever pondered what it would be like trying to patent ‘miracle medicine’ back in the nineteenth century?

Well, you’re in luck- the Science Channel, in their release of their all new series Dark Matters: Twisted But True, you get that very chance to learn all about the strange and unimaginable science that flourished in times before now.

Host John Noble (known for his roles in Lord of the Rings and Fringe) takes you down the paths of time, examining what happened when scientific research and development went too far. Zombies? Frankensteins? Cross-breeding? These are only a few of the topics touched upon in this revealing show. CGI and actor portrayal takes you back in time to when these genius minds- some of them a little more insane than not- tried to show the world their ideas. Could a man really have brought back the dead to use as his personal slaves? Did Adolf Hitler really try and twist the DNA of man and gorilla to create the ultimate fighter? Is it possible to stitch the flesh of ten men and end up creating a whole, living creature?

All controversy, all of them bordering the thin line of science and madness, of ethics and the strong need to answer the questions of the Universe.

“The stories we share in DARK MATTERS: TWISTED BUT TRUE are as outlandish as a great sci-fi script or as disturbing as a classic horror tale — the only difference is that they’re all true,” said Noble. “The series offers a glimpse into the dark side of science, as well as human nature.”

Manager of SCIENCE channel, Debbie Meyers, says “DARK MATTERS: TWISTED BUT TRUE offers a fascinating insight into moments of scientific history where individuals went to extreme measures to achieve a breakthrough. It’s impossible to turn away from these true stories that you always assumed were just outlandish urban legends. This is real science — just the dark side of it, featuring brilliant minds who eventually took a dramatic turn. John Noble is the perfect tour guide to escort viewers through this bizarre world of research gone horribly wrong, but that in some cases, actually led to technology and science that we use today.”

Indeed, watching the first episode, chills go up the spine as Noble’s voice transports you to a more sinister side of history, science, and the human mind…all while teaching you about how we have evolved, and why you should be thankful of all of those strange laws. After all, who wants to wake up in their own grave only to be alive and chained to a mind-controlling medicine man? These tales may seem stranger than fiction.

Here’s a clip which glimpses into the mind of the show:

Catch Dark Matters: Twisted But True on the Science channel every Wednesday at 9pm est


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