The Main Villain of Star Trek 2: Benicio Del Toro?


We don’t know much about Star Trek 2. J.J. Abrams has been notoriously quiet about the project, and the movie is still a long ways away. But recently we found a piece of news that should make hardcore Trekkies AND fans of the 2009 film very excited. 

Sources report that director J.J. Abrams will offer Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro the role of the main villain in the highly anticipated Star Trek 2. Del Toro and Abrams have met before about the role, so it is likely the acclaimed director has had his eye on the actor for some time now.  However,  Del Toro has no idea of who he will be playing, if he accepts the role. Just who or what  the villain might be remains shrouded in mystery.

Among Del Toro’s many film roles are The Usual Suspects, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Traffic, and, more recently, The Wolfman.

What do you all think? How would you like seeing Benicio Del Toro as the primary villain of Star Trek 2?



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