BBC Books Releases Doctor Who Encyclopedia Application for iPad


Tying in with the recently released revised hardback edition of the Doctor Who Encyclopedia, BBC Books have released an Apple iPad application.  This app is a portal to over 3000 Doctor Who related entries including links to episodes, character information, setting information and other related tidbits! While you can scroll through the book alphabetically, you can also search by episode and series because each entry has an episode reference to make for easy maneuvering through the app. You will even be able to preview and buy favorite episodes!

“The app also contains 11 unique portals – special interactive entries, for the Doctor, Amy, Rory, River and other major characters in the show. The Doctors’ portal uses parallax technology which allows users to move their iPad to scroll through a 3D environment, featuring the Doctor’s closest companions and deadliest enemies. “ (Doctor Who New –

Like to preview before you buy? Sure! Check out the video below!


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