The “Grand Theft Auto 5” Trailer is Here and Is Guaranteed To Please Fans Everywhere!


Isn’t it crazy to think that it has only been three years since we took control of fresh-of-the-boat Eastern European immigrant, Nike Bellic, and turned Liberty City’s criminal world upside down in Grand Theft Auto 4? Well, here we are ten years after the GTA series was fashioned into the sandbox world we fell in love with in Grand Theft Auto 3. This time, Rockstar is preparing to take on the triple-A blockbuster sales with their newest title Grand Theft Auto 5. And we could not be more excited.

Today, after much speculation about what we can expect in the next GTA installment (as well as a teaser countdown), Rockstar has unveiled the first trailer for the game – giving us a sneak peek at new protagonist, Adrian, as well as the latest sandbox city backdrop, Los Santos.

There are a lot of different environments and characters in the trailer (all centered around the West Coast Los Santos area) – and while it certainly manages to give players an idea of the locale as well as tone of the title, the teaser is definitely short on concrete details.

In general, it looks like GTA 5 appears to be the same concept as the earlier titles – which will please many fans.  At the same time, it doesn’t really hit on anything new. As usual, we’ll be stepping into the shoes of a complicated anti-hero (likely to be the aforementioned Adrian) who, despite wanting a “better” life, is pulled into the criminal ranks – much like every other Grand Theft Auto protagonist before him.

Keep checking back for updates on Rockstars newest hit. Hopefully some real big changes are coming our way.


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