Paranormal Activity 3- Terrifying Thrill



Have you ever been all alone in your house? The lights are off, you’re sitting in a closed room, maybe doing a mindless task.

Then you hear a sound. It could be a creak or a groan of the house settling, maybe it could be someone outside. It doesn’t matter though; your senses are put on high alert, and nothing is normal anymore.

That’s the exact feeling you get when you leave after seeing Paranormal Activity 3. The movie acts as the prequel of the first two, telling the story of the two female main characters from their childhood in the 80s. All of their references in the first two tie in during this final chapter- all of the activity they saw, the fear they felt growing inside of their home…how, by paying more attention to the malevolent spirit, the frightful experiences¬†worsened.

If you haven’t seen the first two- both being low budget but incredibly crowd pleasing films- it doesn’t matter. This movie easily stands alone as its own story, and will leave you wanting to see the other two (as this is the prequel). The writers and director work on scaring the viewers through simple scenes, but ones that anyone could relate to. Camera angles only give you glimpses of what is going on, ¬†and the surprises you get make you jump straight to the ceiling. Scenes that will leave you screaming “No, don’t go in there, nononononononoDON’TDOIT.”. It will make you see things, make you nudge your friend (because, trust me, this isn’t a movie to see alone) and beg them to say they saw that flicker too. Dust sitting midair by itself? Please, please let that be air, not something-oh, no, it just moved!

Ever seen a little girl speak to thin air? See an old woman appear from the darkness? All that and more waits for you in this movie that will make you fear your own bedroom, and make you squirm in your seat as you watch these poor people go through endless terror.


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