Supernatural: “Slash Fiction”


Spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode surely had plenty of unexpected twists and turns, right down to the very last scene. There was a distinct Pulp Fiction feel in certain scenes, which, I suspect, influenced the title (or maybe the writers were reading fan fiction again).

Two leviathans become Sam and Dean’s evil twins and go on a killing spree across the country, in order to get the real Sam and Dean arrested and out of the leviathans’ way. While the Winchesters go after them, Bobby is trying to find something that can hurt or kill a leviathan by trying everything on Chet, a leviathan they captured at the end of the previous episode. Bobby gets an unexpected result – and just in time.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles got another chance to play someone other than Sam and Dean, and their leviathans were surely unnerving. Some of the questions were finally answered – we got a significant new development regarding leviathans, with Bobby accidentally finding something that can actually hurt them. But at the same time, Sam and Dean were tested yet again, as Sam found out that Dean killed Amy (back in “The Girl Next Door”), and once again, the brothers parted their ways, but hopefully, not for long.


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