Exclusive Interview with Christopher Paolini – Part 2: Big Book 4 Reveals, Angela, Murtagh, Deaths, and More!


Lytherus.com, in partnership with our sister site Shur’tugal, sat down for an extensive and exclusive interview with Inheritance Cycle author Christopher Paolini for his first fan-oriented interview since announcing the title and release date of the hugely-anticipated INHERITANCE (Book 4). The second and final portion of this interview is jam-packed with exclusive Book 4 information and reveals, including much to do with Angela, Murtagh, Domia Abr Wyrda, wild dragons, and more! Plus Christopher touches on what we can expect from him post-Inheritance.

The first part of the interview is also available on Lytherus.

Enjoy part two of our exclusive interview with Christopher Paolini:

Mike Macauley: In Brisingr, a sword named Arvindr is mentioned as being a possible sword for Eragon to use to replace Zar’roc. What does Arvindr mean, and what is the color and type of the sword?

Christopher Paolini: Since neither Eragon nor the other viewpoint characters in the story have seen Arvindr, I’d rather not say.

Mike: On the subject of weapons, here’s an odd one for you! If you could add one type of non-medieval weapon to the Inheritance universe – think guns, lasers, attack planes, etc – what would you add?

Christopher: Hmm. I’m not sure. Maybe World War I era planes, because it’d be fun to see a biplane dogfighting with a dragon.

Mike: Although I think it’s a safe bet that the dragon would win, hands down.

Christopher: Of course. No doubt. But it would still be fun to watch. (Not for the poor pilot, of course.)

Mike: Shur’tugal visitor “nashn8er” asked: “In Brisingr when Nasuada came to give Roran the mission to lead the Urgals, it says that she sat on a small chest of belongings that Katrina had brought with her from Carvahall. (pg 576) How is that possible, seeing as she was kidnapped by the Raz’ac?”

Christopher: Good catch. That was a mistake that happened during the editing of the book when several different sections were getting moved around the manuscripts. It was fixed in later printings.

Mike: I don’t think it would be a lot to imagine that Roran gathered her things to make sure that she had some of her belongings once she was rescued, though. He seemed entirely positive of her rescue (and we’ve seen what Roran’s determination can accomplish)…

Christopher: True. But it certainly was a mistake to say that Katrina had brought anything other than the clothes on her back with her.

Mike: This visitor got around to asking a question I’ve had for a long time now: Shur’tugal visitor Kathryn asked: “[My question] regards the aging of Riders. As we learned in the Inheritance novels, a Rider is immortal unless he/she is killed by sword or poison. And as it is pointed out in the novels, both King Galbatorix and Brom lived extraordinarily long lives. However, it sounds like most of the Riders became Riders when they were quite young, so it’s not like they became frozen in time at the age they were when they became Riders. My question is, how does a Rider’s immortality/aging work? It appears that the Riders age slowly, so I was wondering if they just age at a very slow pace (For example, maybe for the amount a normal person ages in ten years, a Rider would only physically age one year – thus they would age at 1/10th the normal rate)?”

Christopher: That is an excellent question. When a person becomes bonded with a dragon, they continue to age as they would until they reach physical maturity. Otherwise you could end up with some very odd situations (such as a Rider who was hundreds of years old but still looked like a ten year old). Once the Rider hits physical maturity, their body pretty much stops changing, except for the ongoing formation of memories. Same for the elves. Now, over extremely long periods, such as hundreds or even thousands of years, further changes to one’s appearance may occur, but they would be subtle — rather like the difference between being twenty-five and thirty, say. It’s possible that if a Rider or an elf who wasn’t a Rider lived long enough, that they would die of old age. However, that would require an extremely long period of time, so long that the person would most likely die of some other cause over the course of it.

Mike: What was the age of the rider who lived the longest?

Christopher: Hmm. Well, theoretically, the oldest Rider would have been a Rider who became bonded with a dragon soon after the pact with the dragons was formed. You really couldn’t have had a Rider any earlier than that. . . . As readers will probably remember, Rhunön is about that age. I think she’s the oldest character to appear in the series to date (Gûntera excepted, of course).

Mike: I have a feeling you won’t be answering this one, but it can’t hurt to ask…Shur’tugal visitor Raymond asked: “When and where did Solembum and Angela meet?”

Christopher: In a bar on Rigel III, during an EMP storm that grounded all of the nearby shuttles. They ended up playing a game of four hand Tyberion poker together, and after surviving a rather large bar fight, they became close friends. . . .

Mike: If it was any other character, I’d call your bluff… but it’s Angela, and that could actually be believable.

Christopher: No comment.

Mike: Doctor Who pops up a lot on our Book Club Podcast, which is odd because the topic is Inheritance… but the fans love it. Many are still surprised to learn that you and your family are Doctor Who fans (though I’m not sure why it’s surprising). In fact, I try to tell as many people as I can that your family is to blame for my Doctor Who addiction! Which leads me to my next question…Is Angela a Time Lord?

Christopher: One second, I have to ask her.

Christopher: Let me answer your question with a question. If Angela is a Time Lord, then where is her TARDIS?

Mike: Well, we can’t assume that her TARDIS would be a giant blue police call box, as that’s specific to the Doctor. A properly-functioning TARDIS blends in with their surroundings, yes? So it’s there, somewhere…

Christopher: True…Well. Let’s just say that if Angela is a Time Lord, she certainly wouldn’t admit it to Eragon.

Mike: It just all makes sense! She is old, we know that for certain. The Doctor travels with a companion, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume other Time Lords do too. Solembum. She has a knack for showing up wherever — and whenever — there’s action.

Mike: Next to the theory that Angela is Galbatorix, I’d say it’s my favorite theory for the series.

Christopher: Same here. The problem with it is, if Angela is Galbatorix, then there’s no way Eragon can defeat her. Seriously, if Angela wanted to kill Eragon, he’d be dead before he knew what hit him.

Mike: Are you implying that Angela is more powerful than Galbatorix, or simply more deadly given how close she is to Eragon?

Christopher: Without giving away any spoilers for Book Four . . . I’m saying that Angela is inherently inexplicable, and that her unpredictable nature makes her a far more dangerous opponent than most realize. If you had to choose, would you want fight her? Or would you rather face Galbatorix? I know which one I’d choose.

Mike: Oh, I’d go for Galbatorix. No doubt about it. I suppose, in that case, that it’s very good for us that Angela has (at least for the time being…) chosen to work with the Varden.

Christopher: Indeed.

Mike: Now, moving on from Angela… Shur’tugal visitor Preston asked: “Is it possible that in the future we will see a picture of Shruikan by John Jude Palencar?”

Christopher: I hope so. John has done extra cover paintings for the Japanese editions of Eldest and Brisingr, since they were so large in Japanese, they split each book into two separate volumes. If that happens with Inheritance as well, then I’ve recommended that he should paint Shruikan. As an artist, he seems to excel with dark subject material, so I’m sure he would do a good job of it.

Mike: Well, the page count has been made official. We’re looking at 880 pages for Book 4, which is incredible (and exciting). They’ll definitely need another cover for volume 2 of Book 4!

Christopher: Yup. Believe it or not, for a long time, I thought Inheritance was going to be between Eldest and Brisingr with regard to size. Ha! I’m obviously not a very good judge of the length of my own work.

Mike: When you decide to begin on your next project(s), will you be aiming for books around the same size, or will you be writing shorter books for a little while?

Christopher: At the moment, I’m playing with a short story/novella. Past that, I’m going to try to write books that are a bit shorter than I’ve been doing, both for my own sanity and that of my editor. Of course, when I set out to write a story, it always seems to balloon to far bigger than I originally intended, so we’ll see.

Mike: Can’t hurt to ask: science fiction or fantasy for your short story/novella?

Christopher: Science fiction, and the same for my next book. I think. My plans may change. And then I have another fantasy novel I want to tackle. So lots of stuff. It’s very exciting!

Mike: It sounds it! And as I’ve mentioned before, though we still get asked — Shur’tugal won’t be going anywhere after Book 4 has released. You’ve made it abundantly clear that you’ll be writing for years to come, and we plan to follow you and each of your projects. It’ll be a proper Christopher Paolini community!

Christopher: Sounds great. I’m delighted that you’re going to be still helping to support and build the community.

Mike: Speaking of the community, we have a few more fan questions. Shur’tugal visitor Kristine asked: “How was Ajihad able to put a scratch on Durza’s blade when he was a human and Durza had super-human and magical powers?”

Christopher: Heh. Good question. Long story short, he caught Durza by surprise. Long story long — you’d really have to ask Nasuada or Ajihad about that. However, I can say that you’ll find a bit more information about Ajihad’s past in Book Four.

Mike: He was a great character. It was a shame that we saw him for such a short period of time before he was killed.

Christopher: I know. I would like to write more with him at some point.

Mike: Well, you’ve expressed interest in possibly writing Brom’s story. I could see some room there for some great appearances by Ajihad.

Christopher: If I were to tell Brom’s story, we’d definitely see more of Ajihad.

Mike: Inheritance Book Club superstar Helen Beddis asked: “Firstly on learning Eragon’s name Jeod tells us that he has only ever read about three people with that name, Eragon the first Rider is obviously one of them, but who are the other two and what did they do that was worthy of being written about? Is there possibly a link between the four Eragons?”

Christopher: Yes, there might be, but that’s a story for another time and place. (You could probably find some mention of the other Eragons in Domia abr Wyrda, however.)

Mike: Will we see any more of Domia abr Wyrda in Book 4?

Christopher: No comment.

Mike: The piece you included in the Eldest Limited Edition was one of my favorite book add-ons you’ve published to date.

Christopher: Thank you. I had fun writing it. Someday I’d like to write some more excerpts from Domia abr Wyrda.

Mike: Brom says of Vrael in Eragon, “Ancient and wise, [Vrael] struggled to save what he could and keep the remaining dragons from falling to his enemies.” Is this insinuating that Vrael managed to save some wild dragons, or are we reading too far into this?

Christopher: Vrael was trying to save some wild dragons, but he didn’t succeed.

Mike: This may be a path you’re unwilling to head down, but I’ll ask anyway. We debated this on the last podcast… dragons can fly incredible distances, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume there are some beyond what we see of Alagaesia — or would it?

Christopher: It would. Dragons have certainly lived pretty much everywhere in the world where Alagaësia exists. However, if any still lived, Galbatorix would have tracked them down and killed or enslaved them. Remember, Galbatorix has the strength of all of the Eldunarí at his disposal. He has enough energy to reach out to any distance with his mind. It would be extremely difficult for wild dragons (who can only rarely use magic) to hide from him. The only reason that Glaedr escaped was because he was under the protection of the elves.

Mike: Every time I feel as though Angela goes away, she manages to pop up again… When Angela read Selena’s future from the dragon bones, was Eragon mentioned? Did Angela know that someday, Eragon would be sitting in front of her as a Rider, having his own future read?

Christopher: When Angela told Selena’s future, I’m sure that she (Angela) spoke about Eragon in somewhat abstract terms. In either case, having her fortune told changed Selena’s life and is one of the things that convinced her to turn against Morzan and hide Eragon in Palancar Valley. Angela, however, didn’t know that she would one day see Eragon himself. . . . At least, I don’t think so. It’s hard to be sure of anything with her.

Mike: At the end of ERAGON, Eragon goes looking for Angela but is told she is gone. Where did she go and why did she go there?

Christopher: Probably to visit someone else in Tronjheim. Tronjheim is a big place, after all, and lots of interesting things happen there. I’m sure Angela had more going on in her life at that time than just Eragon.

Mike: I feel as though, as this point, you could write an entire series just following Angela’s exploits. It’d be never-ending.

Christopher: Believe me, I’ve thought about it.

Mike: Throw in a big blue box and suddenly you aren’t limited to just Alagaesia!

Christopher: [Laughs] Just wait until you read Book Four.

Mike: I think I can speak for every fan when I say: we can’t wait!

Christopher: Me either.

Mike: Speaking of, I’ve got a few more Book 4 questions for you and then our interview is officially wrapped up… but I’m sure we’ll have one more sit-down before the big day! This is something we touched on earlier, but there may be room for a few more answers. You’ve been rather quiet about what we can expect from you after Book 4, other than to say you have many ideas already plotted out. Can you elaborate here? Do you plan to remain within the fantasy genre or will you be venturing out? Do you plan to stick with books or trying your hand on non-book projects?

Christopher: Right now I just have to survive the upcoming book tour, which is going to be a doozy. I’m looking forward to it, but by the end of it, I’m going to be completely exhausted. Once that exhaustion abates . . . then we’ll see. I’ve been thinking up different stories for over ten years now, and I’m not exactly sure which ones I’m going to dive into next. As I said earlier, I think my next big project might be science fiction, but at the same time, I’d like to try my hand at some other non book-related things. I know I’m going to continue telling stories in one form or another. Also, as you know, I don’t like to be too specific about my plans. It’s fun to surprise people as well.

Mike: Surprises are good.

Christopher: Hopefully

Mike: It’s no secret: fans love Murtagh. Can we expect to see more of him in Book 4?

Christopher: Lots more. Gallons of Murtagh. Buckets of Murtagh. Giant pools of Murtagh. . . . I’ve said too much, haven’t I?

Mike: I’m sure there are some fans who wouldn’t call “too much!” until you’ve outlined every aspect of Murtagh’s involvement in Book 4.

Christopher: Of course.

Mike: Can you tease us about Book 4? Any hints, cryptic information, etc?

Christopher: Hmm. . . Let’s see, aside from Eragon’s funeral, I’m not sure what else I can talk about. No, no, I’m joking.

Mike: I’m guessing we won’t be getting anything else out of you on that one? 😉

Christopher: Let’s see, Book Four hints. . . . Well, the fates of many of the main characters have changed from my original outline for very good reasons that I just didn’t see when I was fifteen. Hopefully the changes have been good changes.

Mike: Well, it’s been an incredible amount of time between the original outline and today. Over a decade. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the characters have evolved over the years!

Christopher: They have, and I’ve changed as well. Eragon certainly isn’t the same person in Book Four that he was in Book One. As the author, it took me some time to internalize those changes and to realize that what I had originally intended to do with Eragon, Roran, Arya, Nasuada, and Islanzadí no longer worked with who they had become.

Mike: It’s interesting to see Islanzadi included there.

Christopher: Yeah. I’ll be happy to talk about this stuff in more detail once the book is released, but until then, I’ve said about all I can.

Mike: What is the biggest question a fan should ask or ponder about Book 4?

Christopher: What is the Vault of Souls? What happens to Murtagh? What happens to Eragon and Saphira when they finally face Galbatorix? And how is motion related to time?

Mike: I can already hear new theories beginning to form in the minds of many!

Christopher: [Laughs] I can tell you now, they’re wrong.

Mike: They may be wrong, but they’re still fun to imagine!

Christopher: Always.

Mike: That’s all for this round of questions, Christopher. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions and to tease us with more Book 4 information! As a reminder to all of our readers, we don’t have much longer to wait to read the final installment of the Inheritance cylce, as Inheritance (Book 4) hits store shelves on November 8th!

Christopher: Thanks for having me here. I enjoyed this, and I’m very much looking forward to people finally getting the chance to read the conclusion of the Inheritance cycle. Until next time, “Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!” May your swords stay sharp.


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Mike Macauley is the founder and editor in chief of Lytherus.com. He also founded and runs Shurtugal.com, the official Inheritance Cycle community, and published his book, The Inheritance Almanac, in 2011. Mike can be found on Twitter at @mikemacauley.

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    A brilliant idea from Doctor Who. The TARDIS: Time and relative dimension in space. the time travelling machine, in other words.

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      Um … “extinct” by definition means there are no individuals of that species left.  There are at least three we know by name plus whatever the deal with Greeni is.  And since dragons live as indefinitely long as Riders, I don’t see why we’d assume it’s impossible that two of these dragons might mate at some unspecified point in the future in order to continue the race.

      • Kronk

        One. Extinct means there are no individuals left of the species or the species is incapable of sustaining it’s population, thus they die out. With only four dragons remaining it is physically impossible to sustain a race.
        Two. Unless acts of inbreeding occur, which that will not happen as there are American laws that prevent such things (or even the assumption of such things) being put into children books, The dragons are doomed to extinction . However as we now know, thanks to “Eragon’s guide to Alagaesia”, the dragons have overcome this issue which leads me to believe that there is a major event in “Inheritance” that focuses around the continuation of the dragon race.

        • good news is that the Inheritance Cycle isn’t exactly a children’s book. More like Tenn/Young Adult

          • Guten101

            The same law applies to teen and young adult ratings, The book itself would be rated as an Adult book and Paolini has every intention of keeping this a children’s book.

          • Kronk

            Yes exactly, check out the “Consumer Product safety Act”

          • Galbyh8tr

             he doesn’t have to talk about or even mention acts of inbreeding for it to occur he has already aluded to the idea in the end of eldest when he has murtagh say that saphira will be the mother of her race he implies that it will happen without ever saying it does. there are many loopholes in righting that would allow him the opportunity to continue the race without actually mentioning imbreeding, he can even leave the subject out all together and just mention that the race is saved. besides many things can be done with magic. and dragons can do magnifacent feets of magic when the insperation hits them who’s to say they don’t get the insperation to magicly restore the bodeis to the eldunary

          • Guten101

            Even leaving the assumption of inbreeding is against the law. He will be required to bring closer to the matter regardless of whether he lets the dragons die out or save them. He can’t just leave it blank as it raises questions as to how they were saved. This is why Kronk said that he feels that there will be an event within Inheritance that focuses around the dragons’ race. Maybe you should read Kronk’s post a little bit more thoroughly. I also recomend that you check out his “Resurrection” topic in the Inheritance Forums.

          • Kronk

             Would you just stop talking??? You’re annoying the crap out of me. . .

          • Matt S


        • White Rider

          A species is not extinct until they die out. Being incapable of sustaining the population is the reason they die out.

        • Yonz

          Do you think a two-hundred year old phychopath with the destructive force of nuclear weapons gives a s#!*about american laws.

          • Guten101

            Nope, but Christopher Paolini does, and since he is the equivalent of God within the world of Alagaesia, It’s not going to happen.

          • zewology

            I feel like I’m going crazy.  These are *dragons* in a *fantasy world* for Pete’s sake.  I don’t see any logical reason why the laws of our society would apply here.  If that were true, there would be no dragons in the first place, and no elves and no dwarves and no magic and no Ra’zac and no … you get my point.  I can honestly say this is one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever seen.

            Also, why assume that this would be inbreeding?  Unless I’m missing something, we don’t know where each of those individual dragon eggs came from.  How do you know they’re that closely related?

            Seriously …

          • Guten101

             But reality dictates what the content of that fantasy world may be. There are AMERICAN LAWS THAT DICTATE WHAT CAN BE PUBLISHED IN A BOOK RATED FOR TEENS AND OR CHILDREN. Say Saphira mates with Greenie, Shurikan mates with their daughter, thorn mates with shurikan’s daughter, where are you going to go from there? Hot grandma-grandson action? I don’t think so. Even a 7 year old like me can figure that out. . .

          • Hollett_06

            i find it funny that a 7 year old knows all about american laws and how to spell all the big words there, lol

          • guest

            These are dragons as a person above said. The same rules do not apply as since they are dragons the same ideas dont really apply as they have a different mind set and thus people veiw them in that mind set not like if the same thing were to happen between humans.

          • Belgarion

            A deity named Christopher?  Bit of a deviation from traditional god names, huh?

          • Leo B

            He is the writer. He decides what happens and what doesn’t happen. He can make cute puppies appear in Saphira’s saddlebags. Ièm fairly sure that is classified as a god.

        • zewology

          Also, if you look up the definition of extinct, it only mentions that there are no individuals left, nothing about sustaining a population.

          And if you check wikipedia, it says in the first paragraph that the moment of extinction is considered to be the death of the last individual of that species, *even though* they have have lost the ability to multiply before that time.

          • Kronk

            I live in Germany, and that is how it is defined in German Dictionaries.  I feel like this is getting way out of hand. . .

        • guest

          How is it inbreeding? If they are not related to each other. If a man “mates” with a woman he is not related to is that inbreeding?

          • Eragon

            yea, but then their kids will have to mate. imagine mateing with your cousin

    • Belgarion

      Actually, they do.  One female and three males is enough to bring a race back.

      • Guten101

        Yeah it is, If you condone a Great grandma and great grandson incest fiesta!  Think about it. . . Saphira mates with Greeni, Shurikan mates with their daughter, Thorn mates with Sapira’s grand daughter. . . then what is Greeni going to mate with his great grand daughter? kind of disgusting

        • Really

          So this “inbreeding” law in children’s books applies to what could very well be classified as “animals” or “beasts” as well? Seems to me like the law would be designed to prevent the discussion of human inbreeding. Besides, Paolini is not required to go into discussion of who was the mother of who and who sired who, and as was already mentioned, he touched on it already. He left the assumption of it already. It’s in the book. Since you have said that even leaving the assumption of inbreeding is illegal, then Paolini has already broken the law and gotten away with it. You can’t tell me that there isn’t a loophole Paolini can use to get around that, and you certainly will never convince just about any other fan of it either. And the only way it’s kinda disgusting is if you equate dragons with people in the real world. When you immerse yourself into the fantasy world of Alagaesia, perhaps a character could argue it’s disgusting, and you, as a reader, would agree. But as a human being living in REALITY, as a person living in the real world, are you really suggesting that the fantastical inbreeding of mythical and imaginary creatures is disgusting?? smh

          • Kronk

             The law bands any and all forms of inbreeding whether it’s an animal, human, mythological creature or rock that can somehow give birth. The law is there to protect children from any thoughts of incest. Don’t want to give your children any ideas now do we. Could you imagine walking in on that as a parent?  Further more I never said that there wasn’t a loophole, Paolini as several options as far as sustaining the race. As I’ve already stated, there will be a major event within Inheritance that focuses around the continuation of the dragon race. If you want theories I suggest that you go to the forums and check them out.

          • guest

            But children reading the book in fact anyone reading the book will not think of it in that way, due to the fact that they view dragons differently. Meaning they dont apply the same ideas to them.

    • Hollett_06

      It said in One of the books that Saphira is the last female dragon in existance. and there are 3 males. so its not likely they will go extinct! XD

  • Mike, you asked the wrong question! You should have asked if Angela is River Song! That would explain why she doesn’t have a TARDIS, but still is where ever something interesting is happening!

  • Galbyh8tr

    i have another editing mistake that didn’t get caught besides nasuada sitting on a chest of things Katrina broght with her, in saphira’s memory of Brom it says that Arin is shining on Brom’s finger but this memory is sapose to be after the trip to Teirm and Brom gave his ring to Jeod’s messenger for the Varden. how many other people caught that one? 

    • GuyWhoKnows

      props bro. mad props.

  • ethan

    what if eragon teleports his sword brisinger in to galbatorix it would be something he has overlooked in his wards and brisinger cuts thourgh wards so wouldnt it be a very cool moment then eragon says brinsinger and galby gets fried from the inside by his sword

    • Fried Tyrant sounds delicious!! Just make sure to add a little powdered sugar.

      • Matt S

        Perhaps with some A1 sauce as well….

  • I was starting to get worried when this would be posted, but never fear!!!! And I just checked my calander…. 9 DAYS LEFT BIATCHES!!! but sadly 10 days left if I count the one-day delivery estamate via UPS. But I think an extra day is fine since I won’t go to jail for using my fat for evil when I sit on a snotty teen over the last copy in the bookstore.

    • MJ_needs_more_Paolini

      Hehe laughed ’cause I feel exactly the same^

  • Ryebread757

    WHAT IF :O 

    Saphira dies. Green dragon hatches for Eragon ( I don’t know if anyone has ever questioned CP about that possibility though..)
    The whereabouts of the Vault of Souls/Rock of (w/e) is going to be in the book Eragon got from Joed.

    Also, questions I have that I haven’t seen from others:

    Why, when Eragon shows Oromis his new sword, does he look away and ask, ‘I wonder…’.. What does he mean?

    Also, When Eragon is not in direct contact with Glaedr’s Eldurni(sp?) He doesn’t seem to be able to hear his thoughs (not including when Eragon got visions of his and Thorn’s fight) So how has Murtagh been able to use their power without touching them or seeming to be anywhere near them?

    • Matt S

      I highly doubt Saphira dies as she is alive in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia. Also, I’m pretty sure this question “Why, when Eragon shows Oromis his new sword, does he look away and ask, ‘I wonder…’.. What does he mean?” was asked in a previous interview although I’m not certain which one. And the last question, I don’t believe you have to be physically touching the Eldunari to speak with the dragon it belongs to. When Eragon was having those flashes into Glaedr and Oromis’s battle he wasn’t touching it. It was still in the cloth sack on Saphira’s saddle.

  • The Clockwork Angel

    There will be time-traveling, I’m sure of it.

  • Aellae ☻ ♥ ☺

    PAOLINI !!! question: what happens to Roran?? I read the book exert of inheritance in barnes and noble dot com and i was wondering..does roran live??? i like roran, and if he died, katrina would be crushed. please answer me!

    • Matt S

      Calm down. He was alive in the King Cat chapter that takes place after the falling wall. So unless he is a zombie, he’s still alive.

      • Or unless that the first chapter in the book actually takes place later in the story, and then Paolini goes back and tells us everything that leads up to that

      • Belgarion

        There’s no mention in “King Cat” stating that Roran is still alive.  However, we can guess that h e is because, otherwise, Eragon would be crazy with grief.  Of course, I want Roran to live and become king. Don’t get me wrong.

        • Matt S

          He’s in there. Right after they describe King Halfpaw it says that Angela is standing next to Roran knitting a tube sock with 6 needles at once as the werecats are entering the room.

  • Tarrangar

    just a thought even thought no dragon are hidden wouldnt it only be natural if someplaces in alegaisia had hidden dragon eggs that none knows about after all even a 50000 year old egg would still be alive and it just unbelievable that since the beginning of time the dragon has never lost an egg before galbatorix

  • Hey guys, has anyone been keeping a list of all the questions we’ve brought up on the podcast? I have some of them, but not all, and I won’t have time to listen to them all over again before we interview him. If you have them, email them to podcast@shurtugal.com and say podcast questions in the subject. THANKS! 

  • Hey guys, has anyone been keeping a list of all the questions we’ve brought up on the podcast? I have some of them, but not all, and I won’t have time to listen to them all over again before we interview him. If you have them, email them to podcast@shurtugal.com and say podcast questions in the subject. THANKS! 

  • Hey guys, has anyone been keeping a list of all the questions we’ve brought up on the podcast? I have some of them, but not all, and I won’t have time to listen to them all over again before we interview him. If you have them, email them to podcast@shurtugal.com and say podcast questions in the subject. THANKS! 

  • Caroline

    I’m dying right now. 

    • I’m sorry. You’ll be missed

    • Belgarion

      Say hi to Jesus for me (assuming you get to his kingdom, of course).

    • Anonymous

      can i have ur stuff?:)jk

  • oromis

    how is motion related to time? easy. time travel. 
    at the current situation, there is no way eragon can overcome galby. so he travels back in time and revives the old order. they kill galby, the riders help murtagh, the green dragon gets an education and eragon and saphira live happily ever after.

    • Nemesis

      Whilst that is an interesting theory, THAT WOULD SUCK!!! I want an epic showdown to happen!

  • Nemesis

    Angela is not a bloody Time Lord!!!

  • Dsmartinez7

    I think Angela is very overrated

    • apollo

      I do like her a lot and she’s one of my favorite characters, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the way she’s popping up  ALL OVER THE PLACE, like in interviews like this that could be focused on other things. I think I prefered her as a really funny minor character than as a (as previously stated) really overrated and overused character who’ll start to get a bit old if used too much. Anyways, there’s my opinion, for what it’s worth, which isn’t much considering he’s the author and I’m just the everyday fan who’s been waiting 3 years too long for his book. 😛 

  • Anonymous

    to be honest, i hate murtagh…he drives me crazy.

    • Anonymous

      how does he drive u crazy?

  • The Green dragon

    it kinda seems that we really didnt learn from this at all, other than the how the riders age when they are chosen, one ive wanted to know for about a month.

  • Does anyone know what the seven promises that were the subtitle of Brisngr actually were?

    • Matt S

      Not really sure. Try googling it.

    • makenna52

      totally guessing here . . . first, he helped Roran kill the Ra’zac, which was a promise he had made to Roran at the end of Eldest, as well as a vow he made earlier to avenge Garrow . . . second, he tried to remove Elva’s curse, which he’d promised her he would do . . . third, throughout the book he continued fulfilling his oath of fealty to Nasuada . . .  fourth, he made a new oath to avenge the death of Kvistor . ..fifth, Saphira fulfilled her promise to mend Isidar Mithrim . . . sixth, he fulfilled his oath to return to Ellesmera for more training as soon as events allowed . . . and seventh–maybe the promise he and saphira made to guard Glaedr’s eldunari.  There are other possibilities too–like his promise to care for Snowfire, tell Jeod how Brom died, and his oath to avenge Hrothgar’s death if possible. 

  • Jtshusta

    I think that Roran will die, Angela will turn evil, Eragon will like Arya, with the new male green dragon and Saphira mating, and everyone will be happy, but for some reason, Eragon will go crazy from fighting Galbatorix and will have some random urge to leave Alagaesia to fullfill Angela’s prophecy.  Plus Murtagh dies.  

    • yupyup

      I think the partial reason Eragon will have to leave Alagaesia is because to be able to defeat Galbatorix, he will have to offend some people/races (sort of like what happened with the Menoa Tree)

      • Menoa428

        I think that, after the war is over, the new king will say that all people who use magic, such as the elves, the Riders, etc., have to leave Alagaesia forever to prevent another person such as Galbatorix from following in Galbatorix’s footsteps. Perhaps Eragon himself will initiate this measure, knowing what he does about his future.

    • Anonymous

      i dont think angela will turn evil. i will be so mad at cp if roran dies!!! i mean hes about to have a kid!!!! and wat about katrina?!

    • Eragon

      nononono. eragon wont have to leave Alagasia. Angelas prophecy says he has to leave a land named Alagaesia. Because Eragon will kill Galbatorix, he will change the lands true name, therefore, he wont have to leave

  • Beansy42

    its all very interesting but what i would like to know is eragons family tree because it would seem to me apart from broms history that he may be human/grey folkn related to old king palancar as in a direct descendant

  • bigmike

    Forth comment from the bottem still has me tripping out right now!!!!!!!   :0 im twitching and crying witbh excitement. sorri foir all the spellingf errors but i just cant helpo it rigth now!!!!!!

  • Inh3rit4nc3f4nf0r3v3r

    Hm, Eragon…Link?

    Does anyone see a connection to The Legend of Zelda here?

  • Michelle

    i think murtagh is going to be the one to die. hell die by saving eragon from galby in the end and by that dying

    • Anonymous

      this could be were the “die by spikes” part could come in…….
      kinda feel sry for murtagh. hes had a hard life and now hes got like a best friend(his dragon) and there both enslaved and oboviouslly tortured and then he might die by spikes. thats gotta suck…

  • MJ_needs_more_Paolini

    AGH! Even MORE impatient for Inheritance!!!!

    I loved the things about Angela; she always ends up being a big part of my focus on the Inheritance Cycle. I hope CP WILL make more books about her! Anybody have some favorite quotes from/about her?

  • Eiyra

    Uh, doesn’t pools of murtagh sound kinda ominous? Like that can be taken so many ways! Pools as in he appears lots is the obvious thing that comes to mind, but what about the less obvious??? Pools of murtagh could be interpreted as lots of things like pools of ” him’ the him being his blood, or even if someone magically heated him up enought that he literally melted into a pool of himself.
    I mean, god, that’s scarey.
    ‘corse, could just be metaphorical…. 

  • Eiyra

    hehe, motion isn’t *related* to time, they’re the same thing. Catch up on your Trek people.

  • Royrdgrs

    Anyone else notice the inconsistancy of galby’s
    first dragon. In the first book Brom’s narration
    descibed it as female. In the third book it is mentioned
    as male in the campfire discussion

  • Marko Knezevic

    I want to learn more about the Ra’zac and Thorn, Mr.Paolini!

  • Aidan_bartlett

    We really don’t meed a Doctor Who related thing going on during this book.
    If it does happen i will not be happy.

  • Free Hoffman

    I was so sure that the Vault of Souls was gonna end up being a multitude of Eldunari, but since Chris said that, I’m kinda doubting it. Haha, I was literally shaking with excitement since i started reading this. I. Can. Not. Wait!!

  • MantisGhetts

    This is totally not based in fact and just a hunch, but I have a feeling Angela is a Rider. Like Brom, and lost her dragon. Her age seems to be indicative of such an idea. Also the whole meeting of Tenga and the revelation that he trained Angela could fit well this idea. Say she went crazy after her dragon died, or to be more realistic atleast suffered extreme heartbreak, depression, and fatigue of the mind. Her time with Tenga could have made her into the person she is today. Again I doubt this idea is legit, I`m just tossing theories out there, being a Rider would also tie in well with her peculiar armor, and weapon choice. Feel free to blast this idea into a million pieces if you have a better one xD

    • Anonymous

      that does kinda make since for angela too have been a rider. nice twist if she turns out to have been one….%-)

  • fairfolk

    What will happen to Eragon and Arya, will they end up together?

  • Ashton Manzek

    does it make sense that Arya is the green dragons’ rider and her and Eragon will fall in love and all that… And therefore, Saphira and green male dragon mate and start a new generation of dragon Riders…  And after they defeat Galbatorix, Roran becomes King of the Empire (that is, if Nasuada dies..) I dont know, I could just see Roran and Katrina as King and Queen (Runs in their blood from Palancar Valley) 

    I dont know if these are just really popular theories, I dont get on the blogs much but while I was re-reading the series these thoughts came across and thought I’d run it by a few people…

  • Cjens239

    I imagine the vault of souls is likely the vault of eldunari that galbatorix has stored away for power and eragon will likely use this power to defeat him.  whether or not he will survive this fight remains to be seen.  or maybe he will leave the world of alagaesia much like gandalf and frodo did at the ending to lord of the rings. i imagine that i’m not the first to come up with this theory, but for those who haven’t i pose this as food for thought.

  • MJ_needs_more_Paolini

    3 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody else out there excited to recieve the FINAL BOOK in the INHERITANCE CYCLE?

    • Anonymous

      TOTALLY CANT WAIT!!!!!! goona get as soon as i can…..

  • Anonymous

    well i wonder wen those two girls angela told their fortunes for will come in and wat there role will be. cant remember were i read it but it said they were defnitly supposed to come in and play some kind of role. cant wait for the book!!!!!=P 

  • Wpnsteach

    Sweet! Can’t wait until Tuesday!

  • Plaiapaul

    alright um obviously murtagh or thorn will die but the other will survive and become friends with saphira and eragon i am leaning towards thorn! THORN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrFco

    Is there an interview after the book?

  • Leo B

    I think that riders don’t need to worry about age. It has been mentioned that someone can change their appearance to make themselves look younger, so a Rider could just do that. The problem is not in the body, but in the mind.