WCR: Spider-Island Conclusion, The Incredible Hulk #1, and Deadpool #45!


 This week is a big week for comic books! In addition to the popular New 52 #2’s  being released this week, the long-awaited conclusion to  Spider-Island hits store shelves this week, along with The  Incredible Hulk #1.  Below are reviews for the Spider-Island conclusion, The Incredible Hulk #1, and Deadpool #45!

Amazing Spiderman # 672: Spider-Island Conclusion

As unsatisfying as Spider-Island has been as a whole, its conclusion actually proves to be an exciting, fun conclusion. This issue contains tons of action, so fans who have been itching to see a good fight are in luck. Those looking for tender character moments are also in luck, because between adrenaline-pumping action sequences we get great heartfelt moments between two series regulars.

The battle for Spider-Island comes to a head, and the evil Spider Queen has her sights set on controlling the entire world with her massive army of spiders. Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Peter’s clone, Kaine, and the Avengers must band together in one final stand to try to stop the Queen from taking over the world.

While the Dan Slott/ Humberto Ramos combination is not my favorite, they actually do a great job delivering a satisfying, fitting conclusion. In between frantic action sequences, Slott adds in some great Peter Parker/ M. J. moments, which were needed. The two don’t interact much during most of the story arc, but the fact that they come together to fight the good fight at the end more than hints at a rekindled romance.

Spider-Island Part 6 is a fun, action-packed conclusion to an overall average story arc.

4.5 out of 5 stars.


The Incredible Hulk #1

 After the events of Fear Itself, the Hulk underwent a MASSIVE change. And now, with The Incredible Hulk #1, we get to see just what our big green friend has been up to. Marvel Architect  Jason Aaron and brilliant artist Marc Silvestri bring us a fun, daring new take on the Hulk, one that changes the character completely.

The Hulk has been living  deep underground with a colony of strange, primitive creatures until  he receives a  visit  by a mysterious government agent who requires his help. The Hulk must leave his underground home and help the agent confront this new threat.  When readers find out just who this threat is by the end of the issue, they will be drooling for more.

The bad? There really is not much to criticize about this first issue. It is too early to tell where things will go from here. Until then, all we can do is sit down and enjoy this great first issue and hope Jason Aaron and his team of artists have something new and exciting up their sleeves.

5 out of 5 stars


 Deadpool #45

 Daniel Way’s run on Deadpool has been hit and miss. Some of the story arcs he’s come up with have been great page-turners, while others have been downright terrible. For example, the “I Rule, You Suck” story arc that was released earlier this year had a combination of humor, action, and fun dialogue. On another note, the “Space Oddity” storyline still stands as one of the worst storylines conceived by Marvel. So where does the newest story arc, “Evil Deadpool” fall in terms of quality? Read on to find out.

This time around, Deadpool must face the Evil Deadpool: an adversary so cunning and ruthless that he might have finally met his match. While the two don’t actually meet in this issue, it quickly becomes clear that Evil Deadpool will give our hero a run for his money.

Nothing really happens in this issue. The art and the writing are fine, but all we really see is Evil Deadpool terrorize and kill a few people. There really is not a reason to pick up this issue other than to read the introduction of Evil Deadpool, and even then readers probably won’t be scrambling to pick up a copy. He is not an intriguing or cool villain, and it is clear that Daniel Way is running out of ideas for the Merc With A Mouth.

The only people who will be reading this issue will most likely be diehard Deadpool fans, and  those people probably won’t be too pleased with the fact that Deadpool is going stale.

2 out of 5 stars


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