The Screenwriter for Iron Man 3 To Write Script For Sherlock Holmes 3!


According to, Drew Pearce, who is writing the script for the third Iron Man adventure, will also be penning Sherlock Holmes 3. With the second Sherlock Holmes movie, A Game of Shadows, on the horizon, it is not much of a surprise that Warner Bros. is pushing for a third installment in the wildly popular film franchise.

Pearce’s work seems to have caught the attention of many major studios, even though most of his film projects are far from being released. The only sample of his work that we have at the moment is his work on the TV show No Heroics. But if his screenwriting skills are catching the attention of big name studios, then we as the audience should be optimistic that Iron Man 3 and Sherlock Holmes 3 have a shot at being good movies.

I haveĀ been following Iron Man 3 news for quite some time, and I have heard nothing but good things about this guy. This piece of news makes me even more excited for the third Iron Man and a third Sherlock Holmes.

What do you guys think? Have you ever heard of Drew Pearce or seen his show No Heroics? If so, does it make you more or less excited about these upcoming movies?


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