Denver Zombie Crawl 2011: Ghoulish Sights and a Quick Makeup Guide


Saturday the 22nd was Denver’s annual Zombie Crawl Event. It has been going on every October since 2008, and gets bigger and more involved each year. This year, participants were asked to walk through a big arch with all sorts of cameras in it to count each person and according to the Zombie Crawl twitter account, attendees shattered last years record of an impressive 7,300 zombies with approximately 30.000 zombies terrorizing (in good fun,) the outdoor 16th street mall area over the course of the day.

I got all zombified up with a few friends and crept around the crowded streets and I thought would share a quick zombie makeup guide that might help you this Halloween as well as some photos and video I took. Hopefully it encourages you to join your cities Zombie event in the future!



1) Tie back long or loose hair and sit still.

Tie back loose hair that might get in the way and stand still.


2) Apply red eyeliner or lipliner.

Bright or blood red eyeliner isn’t very easy to find, so if it is unavailable, try using lipliner. It works just as well and lasts longer.


3) Apply white makeup

Apply white makeup to the persons face. start with small gobs and smooth it out.  If you think the tone is not pale enough, add another layer.


4) Add eye shadow primer (optional)

Before adding eye shadow to get that dark, sleepless, evil eye look, try adding eye shadow primer. It will keep the eye shadow from wearing off and fading while you are running around your city scaring people. It’s not necessary, but it can help.


5) Add eye shadow

Add dark brown, red, or back eye shadow.Go as dark or subtle as you want.


6) Add color

Add some color to the contours and thinner areas of the face. The best colors to use are green and the basic bruise colors. Blues, yellows, and purples all work fine. layer the colors to get a nice beat up/damaged/dead effect.



Now is when things get really fun! Be creative! Splatter blood across your face, draw bloody lines out of the nose, ears, and mouth, trickle some down your forehead, be as bloody as you want. use red makeup or any sort of fake blood.


FINISH!The rest is up to you! Paint tires with fake blood and run over a shirt! Use store bought blood or make your own chunky brand with corn syrup and other colorings.  Or, put together a costume!  there are a lot of creative zombie ideas out there.

For example here are some costumes my friends put together:

A Zombie scientist, un-dead beauty queen, ghoulish fangirl, and an zombie hipster

        **A very special thanks to Celessa Branson for being my makeup model and Jen Lucky for the tips and applying the makeup.**

Denver Zombie Crawl 2011: Photo and Video
[cincopa A8KASt6rqjOk]


for more info on the Denver Zombie Crawl visit:


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