Supernatural: “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” Is A Freaky And Hilarious Stand Alone


Spoilers ahead!

Freaky deaths are at their freakiest in this week’s episode, titled “Shut Up, Dr. Phil”. I was really starting to miss stand alone episodes like this, in the vibe of the first seasons, when Sam and Dean were just driving around and hunting things. The main leviathan arc is still present, but it’s only lurking in the background. Also, the interaction between the brothers in this episode is absolutely priceless, especially the one scene in the motel when Sam comes back after running and tries to get Dean to talk about what’s been bothering him lately.

After a series of freaky deaths in a small town, Sam and Dean connect them to Maggie Stark, a witch whose motive seems to be her husband’s affair. What they don’t find out until much later though, is that Donald, her husband, is a witch too, and they are taking out their frustration with each other on the unsuspecting town. In the end, all they need is to talk things out, which is exactly what Sam and Dean help them to do.

Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters as the witch couple were fun to watch, especially in the end, when Sam and Dean were trying to persuade them to talk things out. Surprisingly, the counseling session worked (but not without the brothers taking some beating), with Donald even providing an unexpected help to the Winchesters at the end. And while the witches seemed to improve their communication skills, Dean is still being stubborn about opening up, and as we know from the past, that pattern never ends very well.


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