Marvel Announces February Event: The Venom Event



Marvel staff Rick Remender, Jeff Parker, Rob Williams, Tony Moore and Jeanine Schafer all came together yesterday in order to announce the next Marvel event. The Venom Event will begin in February of 2012 and last for the duration of six issues within the main Venom series. Venom #13 will be an extended 30-page issue kicking off the event, followed by 4 Point One issues (Venom #13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4), and concluded with Venom #14.

The point of the event is to be a major crossover that will include Ghost Rider (the new, female version), Red Hulk, and X-23 as guests within the Venom pages. “They’re all second generation characters in a lot of ways,” Williams said, explaining the common denominator between these characters. “They’re going into this thing as one version of themselves, and by the time it’s over they’ll all be changed. The plot breakdown we’ve got is pretty exciting in that regard.”

Schafer explained that the story is a “new take on the “New FF” idea using Venom, X-23, Ghost Rider and Red Hulk as the primary characters of this new team. He commented that all of these characters have been searching to find themselves as heroes. “As we’ve been talking about this back and forth, we’ve been finding the way these characters intertwine without even trying,” Schafer said.

Along these same lines Remender added, “These are 2nd generation characters looking to define themselves. They will all be changed by this … There is going to be some status quo change for these characters.”

Artist Tony Moore will draw the 30-page Venom #13. “It’s been a similar process to how Rick and I have worked for a long time,” Moore said. “We knock some ideas around and try to find that one missing puzzle piece, or he’ll brainstorm with me on an action set piece that’ll be fun for me to draw…as far as the characters, I love drawing Venom, and I’m excited to see other people try my design. I’m also excited to draw Ghost Rider again…and I think I’ve been waiting to draw the Hulk my whole career. The artwork that you see here is from Stedano Caselli, a fellow artist on this project.

This event is supposed to be re-named properly as the February release date draws closer. Stay tuned for further updates.


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